Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unhappy finale ins Amy Giordano case

Way way back in 07, I mentioned the odd case of the boy found at the Christiana Hospital in Delaware and how the boys mother was still missing. Unfortunately, it seems that my original ideas were kind of right, as now Rosario DiGiralamo has been arrested in the apparent murder of Amy Giordano. This is after DiGiralamo had fled to Italy and lived on the run for many months.

The Big break
in the case may have come over this weekend. In what seemed to be just a throw away story, the news told us how another person had been arrested in the Giordano case for lying to the police. Now, conveniently after that arrest, police divers in Staten Island are finding body parts in a lake there and Digiralamo is under arrest and being held under for 3 million dollars worth of bail.

Deep down, we all knew that this was not going to go well, and the story for Amy's child is even worse, since he will have to live with the actions of his own father.