Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pandering for charity -Lacey Chabert

I have noticed over the last few weeks, that my 50 states/50 hotties Mississippi post has been a very popular one. I think it must be because Lacey Chabert is still a popular actress, at least too look at. So, I had a goofy idea to use that power.

So, for every click I get on this post until Midnight, Monday, March 31st, I will make a nickel donation to Habitat for Humanity, which is still doing excellent work down in the ravaged Gulf Coast region. I started out a nickel, since I really do not know how many hits I will get, so if I under estimated, I will increase the amount to make it at least a worthwhile donation.

Its a Philanthropic experiment.


Tug said...

That's an awesome idea Sparky - can't wait to see how it turns out.

Tilly Greene said...

I hope you get a gazillion! Okay, maybe that many but loads :-) Great idea Sparky!

amy said...

Very creative...I loved party of 5!

Starrlight said...


Party of 5 was decent. The theme was better ;)

Bond said...

dang she is one smokin' woman