Thursday, March 27, 2008

March Madness Day 5-What we have learned

This has been a good, not great tournament, which makes perfect sense, since this has been a good, not great college basketball season. But, since it is college, it still teaches us things.

1.Don't Mess with Motas or Mrs Duck. My Oregon relative and my lovely wife, while still trailing in San Hiltadelphia, have the best chances to win our little blogging pool competition. Currently, Motas is in 4th place and Mrs Duck is holding down 8th, trailing Songbird, Lady Jane and Anthony. But, they have the most possible points available. Its gonna be a close one.

2.Whoever is doing the seeds was a bit of an idiot. There is no way Butler was a #7 seed. There is absolutely no way Duke was a #2 seed (and yes I am a Dukie and can still say that). If you think Davidson was only worthy of a #10 seed, you need to be committed. Someone needs to tell these conference commissioners there is more to basketball then the BCS conferences.

3.If Xavier can get past West Virginia, they maybe the darkhorses for the Final Four.

4.In the tournament, its all about the guards. You do need some inside play, but if you have a good backcourt, you are great shape. Look at what happened to Connecticut and look who on San Diego really beat them. Look at the run Davidson has been on. Its the backcourt baby.

5.These next two days are the last fun days, the weekend games could be exciting, but they are also times when the clock strikes midnight for Cinderella.


Anthony said...

I lost Georgetown, which was a big blow.
I'll stand by the SEC, even thought they lost a few teams. They were matched up against higher seeds (including 2 #1's) and I'll be rooting for the Vols.

You're right - it's always the guards.

#5 is what I was writing before I took a break. Cinderella is going to find out that the shoe doesn't fit. :)
Even though I picked Kansas, I'll be rooting for 'Nova.

Desert Songbird said...

Of COURSE I thought Butler was underseeded. I also griped that they were buried in the East. Oh well, they gave Tennessee all they could. It took overtime.

Thank God Xavier survived WVU.

Maybe soon Cinderella gets to stay at the dance until it ends. It nearly happened for George Mason last year. It could happen again.

Bond said...

I should have turned in the same bracket to you as I did with my other pool... though I am not sure I have a chance at that one either...though i am still tied with the most wins the 'points available' put me in third or forth place at best

Starrlight said...

I so don't get the whole March Madness thing. It seems too much like math :P

That and basketball bores me to death unless it is the Globetrotters.