Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clinton Strategy-Slash and Burn

and no, I do not mean campaigning with Kordell Stewart and Michael "Burner" Turner. Of course, this will be seen with a slight slant, since this blog is at least an unofficial Obama blog, but soon, real soon, Hillary has just got to shut up.

No, I do not think she should pack it in yet, there is still a mathematical chance that she can win the Democratic nomination and it is not my job, or the presses job, or her opponents job to tell her when she should quit. Well it is part my job, since I will be voting against her in the Pennsylvania Primary. But, if she wants to keep plugging along about her message and her attributes, keep at it. It isnt my money.

But, Hillary has to start realizing that when you say things over and over again that are a tad outside the historical narrative, like the whole sniper controversy in Bosnia, she has to realize that she is not only hurting herself, but also the party as a whole. Republicans and McCainnites can now say how in the world could Obama not put this woman away when she is making up things. And please, Senator Clinton, when you repeat something over and over again, its not a misstatement due to fatigue and lack of sleep.

I am beginning to worry, as a loyal Democrat, that this whole battle between Clinton and Obama is going to make it hard to focus on McCain, who really should be quite beatable. Of course, since I am a loyal Democrat, it is my job to worry about these things. Its what we do.


Desert Songbird said...

Four years ago, I probably would have voted for McCain, maverick that he was against the Republicans.

Now that he's had the Kool-Aid? Not so much.

Matt-Man said...

This is so sad. McCain is so very beatable and the Dems are screwing it up. I am getting really bummed out. Cheers!!

Anthony said...

I'm not sure McCain will be that easy to beat. He's a sly fox and will do or say whatever is necessary to win. What the Democrats need to do is bring out his many and varied opinions on topics, but first they'll have to choose a nominee. I liked him until I started listening to him.

The voters could have told Hillary to quit a while ago, but she hangs in like a head cold.
All of the sniping going on between Obama and her is doing nothing to unite either the party or the country. Our indecisivness may wind up costing us.

Just like Geena Davis said in "The Fly": Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Starrlight said...

Hey I have issues with Obama which I am pretty sure you know but even I think the time has come for Hillary to bow out gracefully.

Otherwise we are going to be doing what we always do as Dems. Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

And I hear you Desert. McCain used to be the one Republican I could be happy with. Then he got slammed by Bush during his shot at the Nomination with the baby smear campaign and promptly turned into Bush's bitch.

Valtool said...

You may like what I wrote today. It does not apply directly to your post, Sparky, but it's in the same league.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

You know, there is also a 'mathematical chance' that your electrons are spinning both clockwise and counter-clockwise at the same time. But some things are just too scary to think about.

I was very much for Hillary, but I think that if she can't seal the deal against a (very talented) newbie then she won't stand a chance against the evil Republican machine.

Sparky Duck said...

I haven't imploded yet, so i guess thats a good sign LJS