Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness, Day One, Early

In the San Hiltadelphia group, it is the Desert Songbird out to a very nice start. While the Stanford/Cornell game is not over yet, I can safely predict that she will go 8-0 for the early session, a very nice start. Motas of Portland, Tex and Lady Jane Scarlett are also in fine shape, looking at 7-1, while Mrs Duck will probably go 6-2 since she took Cornell for some reason.

I did not see any of the darn games, though was able to follow most of them on my cell phone when I needed to. It looks like the only games that had any breath were Xavier vs Georgia and Pitt vs Oral Roberts. Georgia just had to be warn out still, after playing through a tornado and also having to play 4 games in 3 days just this past weekend. Oral Roberts got behind way too early and could not scratch and claw there way back fully, submarining one of my Sweet 16 teams.

Be sure to catch the Kansas State/USC game tonight, just because it pits two future NBA stars in freshman Michael Beasley vs freshman OJ Mayo.


Desert Songbird said...

Booyah! I'm home sick in bed and watched lots of hoops this morning.


Sparky Duck said...

Not only is songbird winning, shes gloating.

Desert Songbird said...

Not gloating; just sneezing.

Bond said...

Man I blew up on your sheet...but my other one stands at 15-1 after day 1

kiss of death I will go 1-15