Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness Day Two, Pool Implosion

On the pool front, while I did a very respectable job on day one, day two caused my brackets to explode into a firey heap. You know it is never a good feeling to get absolutely every 13 vs 4 game wrong. Yep, all 4 of them wrong. Nice job Duck.

In San Hiltadelphia, its Tex who is out to a very respectable 240 points after the first round, with Songbird hot on his heels at 230, plus right now she has more possible points. Lady Jane is also at 230, though her hopes are fading a little bit since she had Connecticut in the Final Four, and right now the only Final Four the Huskies are making are the final four trips to the Sundae Bar at Old Country Buffet before it closes.

Things I learned at least after round 1. As always, the SEC is a tad overrated, though I must give props to Mississippi State for defeating my beloved Ducks. Duke is even more overrated then the SEC and I am now kicking myself for not going with Xavier, which I did earlier in the week in a different contest. Michael Beasley & Stephon Curry just raised there NBA stock over the last two days, while OJ Mayo may, just may want to consider another year of seasoning. And no matter how many times they happen, Buzzer Beaters and last second upsets are still alot of fun to watch.


Desert Songbird said...

I watched that closing seconds of the Duke/Belmont game in utter fascination and horror. Whew!

And about those 13 v 4 games? I was sweating the outcome of the one I DID pick correctly, until the final 3:00 minutes.

You're right, though, even though the buzzer beaters can make a bracket implode, they sure are fun to watch. I love the Madness!

Anthony said...
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Anthony said...

It's always fun watching UConn lose - and I almost had another wish granted with Duke, even though they're bracket picks, entertainment trumps all.

And after all that, I'm lurking in 4th place.