Thursday, March 20, 2008

Contest Annoucements-2 Bracket Contests!!!

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Yes, not just one bracket contest, but two of them. With prizes no less.

Contest #1 is an easy one, the Sparky Duck Bracket challenge. Go through the brackets, pick the most winners, or at least get the most points according to ESPN and win. Simple enough. I have created a group over at

San Hiltadelphia


The prize is a traditional Duck family prize. But since I can not ship a case of beer, I will hand out a monetary amount that equals the same, at least in Pennsylvania dollars, which means $23.99 to the winner. There is no fee to enter.

Contest number 2 is called the Lower 48. It is a survival/knockout competition. I have elminated the top 4 teams in each region. To enter, you must pick one of the 48 teams listed below. First come, first serve. The team that makes it the furthest in the tournament wins. If there is a tie, there are tiebreakers. Example: If the last 3 teams all lose in the 3rd round, the team that loses by the least amount of points is the winner. If there is still a tie, the team that lost the highest seed is the winner. Coin flip if necessary as the next tiebreaker. Once a team is picked off the list it is gone, so get your choice in early.

1.Coppin State/Mt St Marys 13.Portland St 25.Belmont 37.Austin Peay
2.Indiana 14.UNLV 26.Arizona 38.St Marys
3.Arkansas 15.Kent St 27.West Va 39.Miami
4.Notre Dame 16.Clemson 28.Georgia 40.Cornell
5.George Mason 17.Villanova 29.Baylor 41.Kentucky
6.Winthrop 18.Siena 30.Purdue 42.Marquette
7.Oklahoma 19.USC 31.San Diego 43.Or Roberts
8.St Joes 20.Kansas St 32.Western Ky 44.Temple
9.Boise State 21.Cal-St Fullerton 33.Drake 45.Mich St
10.Butler 22.Gonzaga 34.Tex A&M 46.Oregon
11.South Alabama 23.Davidson 35.BYU 47.Miss St
12.American 24.UMBC 36.Miss Valley 48.Texas Arlington

The prize for this one is a $10 gift card of the winners choice.

There is no fee to enter either contest, though if you do decide to enter and then do a post over on your own blog to get some of your friends to enter each contest, that would be splendid. You have until 11 AM eastern time on Thursday to enter each contest and this sticky post will stay up until noon on Thursday.


Desert Songbird said...

Got your e-mail; still working on studying the brackets. I'll get entered soon, though.

TV de LCD said...
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Anndi said...

Got your e-mail too.. have no clue about this stuff, but it might be fun to find a way to make picks randomly... Maybe I should crack out the Ouija board.

Happy St Paddy's!

Bond said...

Looks like fun

Anthony said...

OK, I'll be first. I take #7 Oklahoma.
This is a cool idea. :)

Twyla said...

I have 2 questions.
Exactly what sport is this? I am so clueless.
The second question is, how many bottles of beer are in a case in the US? If there are 24 and it only costs $23.99, then I am TOTALLY getting ripped off.

Anthony said...

Since twyla doesn't know what sport it is, I'd say she has the advantage. :)
Those of us who put some thought into it are ultimately losers.

Matt-Man said...

I am so behind...Thanks for the invite Sparky. I'll try to get signed up today. Cheers my good man!!

Sparky Duck said...

Twyla:Its basketball, trust me, you do not need any skills to sign up and play. Mrs Duck did.
and as for the beer, yes its 24 of them. Now, the last time I bought a case was in the summer before the economy went to shit, but a case of magic hat was 23.99 plus tax. You gotta pay your own tax dammit

Twyla said...

I am in shock that you only pay 23.99 for a case. It's 36.99 here. The Canadian government sucks.
What about other kinds of alcohol, like hard liquor? How much is a quart (750 ml) of say, Captain Morgan? :) I think I need to move. LOL

Bond said...

OK...give me George mason

and i will be over at ESPN tonight

Jenny McB said...

Oh crap, saw this too late. Given what I know about college basketball (nothing!) and the fact that there are upsets all over the place, I might have had a chance to win...

Hey, as far as work goes,am I allowed to say it could be worse? With the economy going to the south, I think it's safe to have job, period!
Happy Easter.