Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #62-The Consumerist one

Thirteen Articles from This Weeks Consumerist

I have been slacking with my Thursday Thirteen posts recently, partly because I have been swamped at work and partly because I do not want to give either of the Democratic candidates the patented Sparky Duck kiss of death.
So, I have been reading Consumerist faithfully this week, getting my news and the like. Its actually been better than the news on TV, because it actually talks about stuff that is affecting us.

So 13 stories from this week...

1.How some bars in the North are getting around a smoking ban

2.Comcast being Comcast and affecting your credit while they are at it.

3.Is your vet ripping you off? Yes usually

4.Banks sure should be not for profit, since they make no profit

5.Comcast is one of the worst in the country

6.Verizon will be with you sometime between Monday & Friday

7.I need damned Hybrid

8.Phew, the Duck family is not the only ones who love Credit Cards

9.Somebody that sells Nano missed this whole recession thing

10.Lets all vote for Comcast

11.You may wanna think about dumping your Wachovia stock

12.Countrywide is having a fire sale

13.Phishing calls can be funny, when the phishee fights back

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beeker said...

Gotta love Comcrap!

Matt-Man said...

Comcast...I rank my love for them right up there with Clear Channel. Cheers!!

Tilly Greene said...

They gave us a Prius for our last trip to the land of granola and I'll tell you 2+ weeks and never had to fill up! If it wasn't so unattractive and the view out the front window was easier for me I'd get one in a second.

I don't have to deal with Comcast, thank you, at the same time, have nothing nice to say about our provider either. They may be small but they suck.

The Flying Monkeys said...

egh Comcrap.... blah! Unfortunatly we have it!

Have a great Thursday! Come on over and laugh at my thirteen, but not too hard!

colleen said...

This is not a campaign ad for Comcast. I have never dealt with them but now have a HP case manager.

Darla said...

We SO wanted a hybrid, but can't get a US spec one here, can't get a German spec one for under $40K. So we settled for a Mercedes. Ah, well.

Bond said...

Not a fan of Comcast...but HATE Countrywide and Bank of America even more...just not sure which of those two leads the pack..well today, it is BofA and their lying cheating ways...

Kyra Sutra said...

I've got Comcast. And I've always wanted a Hybrid but I don't understand how it all works. What burns to produce the electricity they run on?

Sharon said...

Wow. Comcast is sure under fire, huh?
My husband used to work for them. Thankfully he no longer does!
Interesting TT. :)

julia said...

I think I love the article about declaring all bar patrons performers the best. Wonderful T13, Sparky - I'd never heard of that site before.

maggie's mind said...

Great idea for a TT list! Yes, Comcast is evil. Plain and simple.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm so glad I don't have Comcast... that's all I gotta say.

And yes, I hope Nerdvana gets me sued. I need the publicity!

Nicholas said...

I've never had any dealings at all with Comcast. Probably a good thing.

Nicole Austin said...

No Comcast here either, thank goodness.

Happy TT!

Jay said...

You find the cleverest things.

Michelle B said...

Interesting stories. Thanks for sharing!