Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fearless Political Predictions

The clock is ticking, ticking away on what in my life has been one of the best, most exciting Primary seasons ever. And this is why I am a political junkie, for 20 debates, a slew of caucuses and primaries, and endless opinions from political pundits. I would not be an amateur pundit myself if I did not have an opinion and of course I need to share it.

Tuesday March 4
Hillary will win in Rhode Island. They really just do not like Patrick Kennedy, even though they keep electing him. Plus there is a heavy hispanic population in the Providence area, as well as out by the coast, and Hispanics are still in Hillary's corner.

Obama will win Vermont. Vermont is one of the liberalist states this side of Oregon. Its the home of Ben and Jerry for pete's sake. Obama has held strong there and will continue too.

Hillary will win Texas, but in a win so close that it will not feel like a victory for her. I am talking about one of those votes where if you live on the East Coast, you will need to stay up until 2 in the morning to have an idea of what is going on. Hillary will win, but the delegate count will be so close that it will barely be a win.

So, it will rattle down to Ohio. In my heart I think Hillary will win by single digits. In my head I think it will be more. But I am also clouded in my judgement. There is a part of me that wants the Pennsylvania Primary to count, so I kind of need Hillary to win, but not by much. But, I really have a leaning towards Obama, so I am torn. Anyway, Hillary will win in the Buckeye state, and by just enough that it will not be close, but will not be a blow out. Which means, nothing will be that settled.


Kyra Sutra said...

I agree with your predictions on Vermont and Rhode Island but I differ on Texas and Ohio. I think Obama might take Texas and Hillary will get Ohio.

As for delagates, I don't think she will earn herself anough to get by even with wins on Tuesday but at the very least, she will stop Obama's momentum a bit and get herself back in the game. Frankly, she's lucky she's even considered a contender right now. Had it been reversed and Obama lost 11 in a row they would barely mention him... ahem... Huckabee!

I think Hillary has done a great job these past couple of weeks making herself look like she's cracking up and extremely petty. Obama is doing a great job making sure evryone realizes that she's a hipocrit and grabbing at shit. He's starting to do really, really well in debates and as each day passes, he lessens the gap in most polls for Ohio and Texas.

Hillary scares me. She's just not likable. I'm uncomfortable watching her and she seems like she's spouting off stories of inspiration to get votes. Nothing from her seems geniune and she's making herself look like an idjit when she bitches about flyers and mailers and shit considering she sends them out all over creation, too. I notice that she wants to blame everyone else for her lack of progress other than herself... first it was her campaign, then it was Obama and now it's the media. She has no one to blame but herself.

I love politics! I watch debates the way people watch the Superbowl...LOL.

Amy Ruttan said...

So when does the actual vote for president happen??

The Gal Herself said...

I am still leaning toward Obama, but I could easily vote for Hillary. That said, I wonder if it's a good thing for the process to go on like this, or a bad one. Are we seeing how the candidates look under pressure? Are we learning more about their positions and their character? Or are we burning up resources as they do lasting damage to one another? I don't know. I really don't. But, like Sparky and Kyra (above), I remain glued to every moment of it.

Starrlight said...

Hey we could nominate a ficus for the democratic party at this point and still come out ahead over the last 8 years. Just think in less than a year that village will get it's idiot back!

Matt-Man said...

I'm voting for H-Rod in Tuesday's Ohio Primary. I think she will carry Ohio by a couple of points, but I think it's over for her. Cheers!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sparky do you really like any of them? i don't. and it worries me. alot...

smiles, bee

Kyra Sutra said...

LOL Starr.... soooooo true!

Sparky Duck said...

Starr-A magnolia, not a ficus, they have a bit more strength to them

Bee-I am in the Obama camp, while Mrs Duck is still undecided.

Amy-November, but it wont really pick up until the conventions in the summer if its down to one candidate each party.

Gal & Kyra-My Sunday mornings are filled with Chris Matthews and Meet the Press, so you know I am a junkie.

Matt-Just be sure to vote, thats the most important thing, though for you it could be to vote sober ;P

Hyperion said...

If you're right you are a genius. If you're wrong you can be on cable news.

(By the way, you should change your blurb above to read....."It was whispered by dancers at the moulin rouge: yes we can-can."