Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Comatose in Cleveland

I looked forward to the debate all day yesterday, especially after our inspectors left the office and did not shut us down, which is always a bonus. I figured it was going to be the a throwdown lash out from the Clinton Campaign, to try and steal some traction.

Boy was I wrong. After the first 15 minute discussion on healthcare, which did crackle with intensity, there were really no big hits from either side. Clinton was able to get off a decent line about pillows, except for the fact that it was a line borrowed from a SNL skit and Obama deflected some tough questions and was able to avoid the a slip up when it came to Clinton's speech over the weekend about clouds parting and angels singing, an obvious jab at Obama and his speaking prowess.

Clinton probably won the debate on points, but in no way was it the rout that she needed it to be. I do not think that it will be over next Tuesday, but I do think it will be darn close to over and it maybe time to wrap it all up there. We shall see though.


Bond said...

She is on her last breath and it scares her to death, since she might lose and then what? Home with Bill? OMG she will go insane....

colleen said...

The momentum is not in her favor. I hope they don't hurt each other by then and maybe can fulfill the fantasy of them running together. Maybe Hillary can be the first woman VP, the former first lady, and the president after Barack?