Monday, December 17, 2007

Alycia Lane Ends

or at least she ends her 2007 on the air, as she is on "vacation" until next year. I would not be a Philadelphia Blogger if I did not at least take some time to mention this story.

A little quick background, Alycia has been mentioned in the tabloids and blogosphere before. Back last year, she was caught in an email love triangle, in which she allegedly sent pictures of herself in a bikini to Rich Eisen, formerly of ESPN and now of the NFL Network (you people with cable, its a football network). Unfortunately for Lane, the pictures were intercepted by Rich's wife. Fun ensued.

She has recently been romantically linked to Chris Booker, a former MTV VJ, and we all know how former that has to be since I did not even know MTV still had VJs and now corny morning show host for radio station Q102. So I guess thats a step up, though looking at there schedules, I have no idea how the two of them would actually see each other.

Well, the blog, Philadelphia Will Do, uncovered a tasty little tidbit that was also picked up by the media rags in New York, since this where all the fun started. Allegedly once again, Miss Lane got into some sort of altercation with a NYC Police officer, after...... wait for it...... calling the officer a "Fucking Dyke".

So yes, Ms Lane is now on "vacation" until 2008, and is already apparently getting edited out of some pretaped footage for the holidays. So, I am sure its not the way her, or her station wanted to get some publicity for there news, which has been growing in the ratings recently. And the choice of eptitaths may not have been the best, since I think Philly is one of the more liberal towns in the country.

But, you still gotta chuckle some...


Anthony said...

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran the story, buried in the South Jersey section, of all places. Something tells me they're tired of it, or else it would have wound up near the front page.
She has no judgment and doesn't understand the position she is in as a "journalist". I think she's a pretty face who can read on camera and nothing more. She should probably be hosting a House Swap show or one of those animal antics things on cable. Maybe next year.

I thought about mentioning it, but I'm sick of the page hits I get from "Alicia Lane". Twenty a day sometimes. You'll see.

Desert Songbird said...

Proof positive that beauty does NOT always equal brains.

What a f*cking IDJIT!

Matt-Man said...

Alycia can call me any name she wants to. Yum...Cheers Sparky!!

pissed off patricia said...

Not a member of Mensa, is she?

the108 said...

At least she's hot.

Bond said...

Well 108...she has a nice face...but after viewing some face shots on and then meeting the women to find they are 300 pounds, let's look down a little before we call her 'hot'

she is, after all...a 'talking head'..or does she give head? or maybe both

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Hyperion said...

You just know Eisen has to love his wife (a blonde) and your Philly filly (brunette) fighting over him. He's like a modern-day Archie Andrews!