Sunday, November 04, 2007

Waiting on a Songbird

On Thursday or possibly Friday, the Desert Songbird asked how I felt about the Nike Ducks against her Sun Devils was going to turn out. Now I deep down knew that the Sun Devils of Arizona State were not really her team. I mean the woman bleeds Butler purple, or blue or whatever color it is that Butler University has. I have a sinking suspicion that she was actually asking for her Buckeye husband, who does not want to face the potent Duck team in the championship game. So I anxiously awaited her email of concession. It still has not come.

Oregon beat ASU 35 to 19. The game really was not as close as the score suggests. Dennis Dixon was on the bench for most of the 2nd half. So the Ducks went into a play safe mode. Yet as of 12:15, no email from the Songbird.

Now of course, she may have a life, unlike yours truly. Or she thinks that it does not matter, since the Ducks will lose to UCLA or Arizona or Oregon State. All excellent teams and reasons. But, if Wordnerds team lost to Nick Saban tonight, I think I would have gotten an email filled with curse words and some thing about Sabans mother. So I expect some sort of concession coming toot sweet.

Hey um, Go Ducks


Anonymous said...

Go Buckeyes! :oD

Desert Songbird said...

I was indeed living my life, Mr. Duck. I saw the closing minutes of the game, after the fumble in the final 3:00. I knew it was going to end with the Nike Ducks victorious. In fact, I knew it would be so BEFORE the game was played.

So, now the question must be asked, just what is the basis for YOUR allegiance to the Nike Ducks?

Did you forget that both hubby and I are BOTH graduates of Arizona State University? That we can truly lay claim to being Sun Devil fans, albeit not dyed in the wool, bleed only Gold?

Besides, I am a lady. I don't use foul (or fowl) language. I concede nicely.

Unless you happen to be a Wolverine Fan.

And, and for the record, Butler Bulldogs are Blue through and through.

Matt-Man said...

The Ducks looked pretty good. I have nothing to cheer for however, the Irish stayed true to form yesterday. Cheers!!

wordnerd said...

Dammmmmnnn, boy, your Duckies are looking awfully good these days. Can't begin to imagine how much fun it would be to play y'all. And I'm with Songbird -- where does your allegiance to Oregon come from, anyway?

Travis said...

I'm crossing my fingers that the fumble against Cal isn't a factor.

So now somebody needs to pick off LSU. And I'd feel a little better if Kansas has a loss pinned on them too. I don't see any other team that should be able to jump Oregon at one loss.

As for ASU, the Rose Bowl is still in play if Oregon makes the BCS championship game.