Saturday, November 03, 2007

Now there is a dry spell...

Think back to 1963. The Beatles release Please, Please, Please. The Birmingham civil rights boycotts and sit ins begin. As of today in 1963, JFK is still President of the United States. Coca Cola is releases a diet soda called Tab (which is still just as digusting today as it was back then.)

Heck, before 1963, the United States did not even have Zip Codes. In fact, the well known blogger Sparky Duck was not even a thought in his parents minds. Hells bells, his parents were not even 20 yet and didn't even know about each other yet.

1963 is also the last time the Notre Dame lost to the United States Naval Academy. 43 years is a long time to lose to someone, and now, that streak is over.

Navy 46 Notre Dame 44 in 3 OTs


Travis said...

It just keeps getting tougher and tougher to be an Irish fan.

If this was the plan Coach Weiss had when he signed that big contract extension, then I think I want my money back.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

our district loss prevention guy was in the store Thursday. I know that he was in the Navy, so I greeted him (read as sucked up to him) with Go Navy! Beat Army! when he arrived in my department. :)

BTW - UCF WAY over Marshall for our homecoming today! 6-3 for the year and 4-1 in the conference with UAB, SMU, and UTEP to close out the season.

Preposterous Ponderings said...

Ummmm Go Buckeyes!

Anthony said...

Universal HD has already replayed the game twice since Saturday afternoon.
It's one thing for the Domers to be humiliated on National TV in front of their millions of nationwide fans - but to have to endure multiple viewings is something I wouldn't wish on anybody.

Well ... maybe a few exceptions.

Tug said...

Wasn't that AWESOME?? I'm not a Navy fan, but SIL is an Irish fan. heh.