Friday, November 02, 2007

Maybe a bit Extreme

Subway and Doc are up from the Palmetto State for the big Eagles and Cowboys game. Now while Doc and Spice Girl are off to the afforementioned King of Prussia mall, Subway, Tin Man, Sarge and I are off on our own adventure.

It is November 2nd, yes November 2nd and we are going golfing. Now of course, some of you out there are saying what is the big deal? I hope most of you folks saying that are in Arizona and Down South. Because, its going to be 59 degrees here today and I am hitting the links. Yes I am nuts! Or more likely, one of the guys in my foursome today is nuts, because it was one of there ideas!

Now of course, it could be worse, since just before I finished typing up this post, I took Mrs Duck to work, so while she will be warm, but she will also probably want to be gauging her eyes out with a stapler.


Matt-Man said...

Take it while you can get it Sparky. Cheers and Fore!!

Desert Songbird said...

I think today's high will be 89 here.

Yo, Spark - any predictions about your Nike Ducks against my Sun Devils?

FRIGGA said...

I say: suck it up and be a man! :-0 Hehe, have fun! :-)

Sparky Duck said...

Well I played well. Though it was the usual problem, plenty straight, just not that long. Make your own jokes up with that one.

Oh Songbird, now all of the sudden they are your sun devils? I mean I would get Matt saying that, Notre Dame is Notre Done, but you, sheesh, me thinks some Buckeye fans don't wanna play Nike.

if I was a betting man, I would say Ducks win, but they do not cover the spread, which is 7.5 points