Thursday, November 15, 2007

Live Blogging the Ducks

Early on, Dennis Dixon is the Heisman Trophy front runner. He runs the offense fully and all you Tebow people can promptly kiss my feathered ass.

A two point conversion makes me a tad nervous, just because I think OU maybe playing nervous.

A freaking INT that is not Dixons fault. The Oregon receivers, beyond Williams just are not that tough.

Crap, its 9:20 and I think Dixon may have blown his ACL.

Double Fuck, I think its going to be Brady Leafs night, which would be great if Brady could throw the ball like Ryan Leaf in college.

9:47 and Brady Leaf decides to throw the ball like his older brother in San Diego, TD for Arizona. Its amazing since the Wildcats do not have an offense to speak of, yet they lead 17 to 11. I think we may be fucked.


Starrlight said...

Bad Duck! Now I have Double Fuck replacing Double Mint gum in that old ad jingle :P