Thursday, November 15, 2007

Live Blogging the Ducks 2

It should now be Jonathan Stewart all night long, yet they decide to let Leaf throw, big freaking mistake.

Things should stay close if the Wildcats have to actually play offense, Tuitama will make a mistake, he just has to, its in his makeup.

Late hit on the AZ QB Tuitama. Thats it the Refs are fucking homers.

I am already looking forward to Hawaii vs Nevada tomorrow night. Its an actual test for the Rainbow Warriors

You are losing 17 to 11 with your offensive star out. You don't freaking go for an interception. I think the Ducks maybe fucked, I hope you all enjoy LSU kicking the crap out of Kansas/Oklahoma.

Brady Leaf is a dog

Its 31 to 11 now, what a fucking joke, I looked forward all day to this? to this? I now need to root for chaos, because Brady will not bring them back.


Anthony said...

13:40 to go and not looking good for the Ducks.
So, who's number 2 now?

Playoff anyone?