Thursday, November 15, 2007

Live Blogging the Ducks 3

Its so so close to getting out of hand, and its 10:15

Jesus Christ, do they have any other QBs besides Brady "I am Ryans Brother" Leaf

On a side note, thats it, I am calling to complain to DirecTV. They have the Arkasas St vs North Texas game on ESPN Gameplan and of course they are not showing it because we need enough stations to show some crappy hockey games. This aint Kanada ya know

The Wildcats offense still kinda sucks. They got the ball last drive at about the 40 and could only gain 8 yards. The score is 31 to 11 but AZ has scored 14 points off an INT and a Punt Return.

Williams (#4) has got to stop bobbling the ball. This is big time football my friend, it is not Big East Football

Evensen jams one through, which does two things. Makes the game a 17 point one and also causes me to think I may be up longer tonight

Thanks Achilles that it is halftime and only a 17 point game. There is still hope, though slim