Thursday, November 15, 2007

Live Blogging the Ducks 4

Please oh please, let Brady Leaf be hurt. Not like ACL hurt, just bruised knee hurt so I do not have to watch him amble around the field anymore.

Shocking, Tuitama makes a mistake. I do not know why AZ keeps him at QB

Oh theres a shock, these homer refs call a holding. I guess they get there mail in Tucson or something.

Well, they did need a field goal, so now or later it does not matter. Evensen knocks another chipper through. Now, lets make Tuitama win this game. I bet he can't

Here is the problem with the Arizona offense, they have absolutely, positively no running game. Take the INT for a TD and the Punt Return away and this game is tied.

Um hello, you are down 14 points. You have a defense that makes mistakes. Dink and dunk wont cut it

Brillant move by Baby Stoops, trust the run game and do not let Tuitama cause the loss, because throwing the ball will make this game a 7 point one quickly.

See, another almost INT for the Ducks. The problem is the word Almost

Boring, sheesh Baby Stoops may be a bit concerned for his job. And um Dean, please, you should have been called for Pass Interference

On to the 4th Quarter, Arizona has done nothing in the 2nd half. Unfortunately, neither have my Ducks