Friday, November 16, 2007

Blogging the Ducks 5

Wow, a penalty flag thrown on Arizona. I better run out and buy a lottery ticket or something.

Sheesh, its on the Oregon sideline, throw another personal foul for knocking Stewart up into the stands.

Brady Leaf, you still SUCK

This could be the worst Refereed game I have seen all year, I mean awfully called. Why dont we just make sure USC is the team in the Rose Bowl. Fucking Bullshit

Too many turnovers

Jonathan Stewart, all day, all night Gotta get a score here and at least the pressure if on Tuitama. Though nice touch by Wildcat fans, cheering Stewarts injury.

Crenshaw in and guess what, its still a game with 8 minutes to go.

yep that was a face mask. I think the game rides on this 4th down. 5 minutes left, yep this is the ball game. Well fuck me, second effort does it

Tuitama, i told you, I told you and Patrick Chung with the recovery, or maybe not since we will review once again, sheesh. Shit I think hes down. Well of course, not a fumble

3:20, thats it, 10 point lead again, I am depressed and soured. Enjoy Kansas Hawaii for the championship


Anndi said...

Um.. Boooooo (who am I booing exactly?.....)

Oh yeah ...
BOOOOO Brady Leaf

Hugs for the Duckie

Matt-Man said...

Sorry to see that Sparky. I like the Ducks. Cheers anyway!!

Travis said...

It was over when Dixon went down. It was pretty incredible how that sucked the life out of the Oregon bench.