Monday, October 15, 2007


No, its not what would Reagan or Romney do. Yick. Its actually what would Riggins do, from my favorite TV show that has returned, Friday Night Lights.

Now, this year, the show has taken a decidely Dawson's Creek turn. Actually, I do not really think that is a bad thing. It gives the chance for the plot to flesh itself out some. Of course, you have to suspend some reality if you are just jumping on to FNL in season two.

1.Riggins apparently is a senior this year. I could have sworn he was set to graduate last year, and if his grades sucked that bad, he would have not been playing football, even in Texas. But, the actor playing Riggins is the heartthrob of the show, so they need him around.

2.The school would not have hired an out of state coach. They would have given the job to the crotchety defensive coordinator, whether he made a racist statement last year or not. But, if Coach Taylor, played brillantly by Kyle Chandler, wants to come back, they need to be sure he is throwing out someone us the viewers won't feel sorry for. Hence, the coach from Tennessee. Tennessee has good high school football??

3.No self serving, old school coach would hire a high school coach as his quarterbacks coach, no matter who he is. At least until he needed to recruit that high school coaches players, and that is at least a year away.

Ok, so there is some alternate universe going on Friday Nights at 9pm Eastern on NBC, but it is the good alternate reality. Its a show that sucks you in and keeps you caring about most of the characters and I for one am happy it is back. And, trust me, it is not all about football, get that out of your heads.

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pissed off patricia said...

I watch very little nighttime tv. I just hate to get hooked on a show and allow it to set my schedule for me.

wordnerd said...

I heart this show so much! You're right -- it's taken a Dawson's Creek turn, which I'm not happy about -- but I hope it evens out. Going to order my shirt! (I also heart the hell outta Riggins...ahem.)

Matt-Man said...

This reminds me of my favorite running back of all time. John Riggins...He was a Maaaad Man. Cheers!!