Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WWRD Continued

I actually meant to post a few of these pictures last night, but as usual Blogger has the worst timing in the world for being finicky.

I mentioned that Riggins was one of the shows heartthrobs, but did absolutely nothing to expand upon that idea, or at least show examples. So, here is some Taylor Kitsch for you, though personally, I would have probably changed my last name from Kitsch if I became a model and TV Star.

Now maybe some of you will have a better reason to watch Friday Night Lights.


wordnerd said...

Holy crap, Sparky! I can ALMOST forgive the Kentucky-themed post from last week.

Damn. I'm going to look again.

Bond said...

ok male shots...- closes eyes and while typing one-handed...says..have you apologized for your blow out comment about KY
Friday Night lights...never got into it..nope nope
sorry i am really having troubles leaving comments right now..or working...or sleeping or anything else actually... argggggggggggggg damn pinched nerve

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Dude, that did my cold more good than all the Orange juice in the world could. Thanks!

rennratt said...


Pretty men.


Heal my eyes, would ya?

Post a picture of a real man.

Like Patrick Warburton...

Starrlight said...

Oh yes, he is hot. Highly Hot.

Um, yeah.


Lisa Andel said...

Thank you Sparky. Are there any pictures of him nekkid, by any chance?

Wylie Kinson said...

adding FNL to must-watch list.
Or maybe I'll just PVR it and ff to the hunk scenes :)