Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On Campus-October 13th

First a warning, Wordnerd old buddy, you may wish to avert your eyes.

Another wild week of football this past weekend, and luckily, I did get the chance to actually see some of it.

First and probably most important, Kentucky upset LSU in triple overttime. Bond is right, I owe the Kentucky fans an apology, I thought the Bayou Bengals were gonna plow right through the Wildcats. In fact, when the score got two a double digit difference, I though the game had to be over. Boy was I wrong. Andre Woodson has gone from dark horse for the Heisman to one of the front runners. And whoever this kid Locke was for Kentucky, I am shocked that he was there 3rd string running back. Not as shocked as Les Myles I am sure. Speaking of old Les, the same man who gambled on fourth down last week decided that he would run into the line 4 straight times in the 4th overtime. LSU by the way only gained 8 yards in that 4th OT.

So, the college football world was all set to embrace California as the new #1 team in the land. That lasted for about 3 hours, as Cal lost to Oregon State. Now this should not have been that surprising, Cal had there backup QB and this is pretty much the same team that beat USC at the end of last year to end there conference winning streak. Slight problem, this game was played in Berkeley, in front of the hometown fans, at night no less. You are not supposed to lose night games at home! You are also not supposed to scramble with 10 seconds left when your team has no timeouts, which is what the redshirt freshman QB did for Cal, keeping there field goal kicker off the field and TADA win for the Beavers.

This means that somehow, Ohio State is the new #1 team. This is not even a good Buckeye team this year and they only stomped all over Kent University. No not Kentucky, Kent in Ohio. And sorry, Michael, Central Florida maybe improved, but they are no where as good as South Florida, which was evident when the Golden Knights got doused by the Bulls, 59 to some nonsense number. I think USF scored again about 10 minutes ago.

Oregon was pissed off this weekend and took out there anger on Wazzou 53-7. Oklahoma won again, proving a few things. Missouri will never be a great Big 12 conference team, they just can't stand prosperity. Oklahoma is one of the class of the Big 12 again this year, but please Sooner fans, shut up with the "Bradford for Heisman" chants would ya. Most of the country does not even know who Sam Bradford is.

Hawaii won on Friday night, needing a 21 point comeback in the 4th quarter. I love the Warriors, but the more I watch them, the more I am not convinced that they are a BCS caliber team. Though Colt Brennan should still be in the Heisman discussion.

So, the BCS is now a mess. A disaster is brewing just off the coast and it is metaphorically bearing down on the University Presidents who back this cockeyed, bastardized form of a football playoff. I promise to say how I would fix it sometime this week, I know you are all waiting with baited breath.

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Anthony said...

Not only do you owe KY fans an apology, they owe the NCAA $50,000 for "celebrating".
That'll teach them to run on the field after one of the biggest upsets of the year.

Bowl season is headed for its biggest controversy ever. Something like 62 bowl games for a hundred and some Division 1 teams. The whole thing is a big mess.
Do we really need the Poulan Weed Eater Bowl? Those kids aren't in class anyway, so they may as well be playing football. That junk brings in gobs of money for the universities, and it's time they acknowledged it with a "real" playoff season.

Barking at the moon.

Tug said...


It's tough being a Husker. And a Rams fan. And don't forget about the damn Yankees.


I'm with Anthony though - college needs a REAL playoff season, & wash the bowls, put them in the cupboard. ;-)

Tilly Greene said...

Okay, so I won't phone home and talk with the brother-in-law this week...the quacking will send him right over the edge. He'll be pleased with the #1 designation, even if it was for a week.

Now, Sparky, because I like you I won't turn my laptop around and let all those Buckeye people see what you wrote. Shhh, it just so happens this week the view outside my window is of their stadium and I'm thinking they'd give us both a thumping for doubting their ability to be the champions.

Desert Songbird said...

Um, that would be Kent STATE University in Kent, OH.

Unfortunately, forever and always associated with the turbulent 60s ("Four dead in Ohio" - oh wait, you're too young to remember that...)

Sparky Duck said...

anthony-I actually think some teams do need a bowl game, but not all of them. I will explain going forward. The NCAA is the biggest waste of beurocracy space since the McCarthy Hearings.

Tug-just have the Huskers beat the Sooners and I will be happy.

Tilly-Most of the Buckeye fans know that there team is really one more year away from being awesome again. Plus most will admit they STILL HAVENT PLAYED ANYONE.

Songbird-I was confused by the fact that when that team when to the Elite 8 a few years back (with Antonio Gates at Power Forward btw) they tried to change the name and drop the state part. I remembered, I was a history major.

wordnerd said...

Um...don't ever do this again.