Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Garrett Reid joins his brother...

in not the most enviable place in the world, which would be jail. Yes, Andy Reid's other son, who has been under house arrest since late August for possesion of drug paraphenalia as well as admitting to taking Heroine after a January 30th car accident, find himself back in jail today for failing to show up for a mandatory drug test. The incident is being painted a bit as miscommunication, but as one of the bloggers at The 700 Level put it.

It's never fun when a miscommunication lands you in jail.

There are a few things that seem to be becoming pretty obvious when it comes to both Garrett and Britt Reid.

1.They are both very addicted to drugs or some other substances. It is obviously something that they are not able to shake since they have spent most of 2007 in trouble with the law.

2.Mrs Reid, who is quite mysterious, since I can not even tell you what she looks like, does not seem to be able to instill any kind of fear in these children. If they are living in the Reid home, which they are, one would think that they would have to at least do some listening to the parental units who own the place. And since Daddy is not around, ya gotta wonder if Mom has any influence at all.

3.At least in Britt's case, there is certainly a healthy animosity towards his parents. When he was arrested the last time, and had to do the perp walk in front of the cameras, Britt made sure to say "Hey Mom and Dad" right into the cameras. Not exactly embarrassed by his situation was he?

It is a sad state of affairs now that all you have to do is hang out in the Montgomery County area if you are a reporter and just wait for one of the Reid boys to make himself more of a fuckup.


Bond said...

Not sure you can blame so much on Mrs. ...maybe daddy needs to kick some ass during the off-season....

Anthony said...

Children of privilege walk a thin line. They can behave themselves or they can take advantage of their station in life and experiment with anti-social behavior.
Andy's "kids" (they're adults) are more than a little smug and really, for what? They're the sons of a pro football coach. Joe Gibbs' son followed his father, as did several others.

Imagine if you were the adult son of a head coach of ANYTHING. Wouldn't you want to be around all the time, sucking up information and trying to figure out what's going on? Andy's sons have been around that their whole lives and absorbed NONE of it.

There's something wrong with people like that.