Sunday, August 19, 2007

My First Pay Per Post

and in all actuality, it could be my last, just because I have set my own rules for Pay Per Posting on this blog.

Anyway, how did I get here? Well, way back in November I think, I signed up for at the website to become a postie. The whole idea of course is to drive traffic to different websites, that we bloggers post about. And then, once approved, they pass us some cash. See, simple.

Well, I signed up because they were asking people to talk about the Go Philly website, and how they ran this promo for one night free if you stay one night in the city. This sounded perfect for me, I am from Philadelphia and have used the website. Plus, for the first night of the honeymoon, we used that exact promo to get two nights in the city for the price of one, well sort of one since we had a suite, but thats not here or there. But, my humble little blog here did not qualify, because I did not have a good enough rank. So, I waited and now here I am, apparently I count for something now.

But, you may ask, why this also maybe the last pay per post, post? I hear you asking right now. Well, I believe that a blog should not be inundated with them. So, if it is a product I have used, would use if I knew about it, or a website that I frequent, then there might be a PPP about it. But, it has to be something that means something to me. So there will be no posts for eat veal, the Christian Science Monitor, or Easy Date Asian Style. I will not sell out this blog that I have come to build and love. But, if someone wants to pay me to do a little post about, then I am there, since I love there site and use it every week. My favorite corn dog recipe? Yep, look for a post if someone asks. Stuff like that.

Also, I can promise that there will be a limit to PPP. This will not become a Pay Per Post blog. I hate when that happens. So, I promise not to become one of those people. I believe my blog speaks enough for me. Its a fun hobby, and I don't want it to become a job. But, I am not an idiot either. If someone out there wants to pay me for my hobby and I don't have to sell my soul to do it, why not? You would do it to, though I know some folks might even consider selling an itsy bitsy piece of there soul, but thats why I love my readers.


Anthony said...

Well, if it was a piece of my soul I wasn't using, maybe.

I've heard a little about the "pay per post" stuff, but it seems cheap to me, and if someone thinks that they can buy my opinion, then I'll feel kind of dirty afterwards.
I've gotten some free stuff from a couple of companies, but only after I mentioned them, and not as a pre-arranged deal, so I was OK with that, since the original intent was genuine.

So, what about this Asian dating thing? ... :-)

Yoshi said...

I tried out PPP for a while. I had a few posts. It was ok. the payout isn't bad if you have a really popular blog with a high technorati/alexa rating. Since I'm one not to care about that stuff, I can only take the lesser opportunities, so I just quit. :P

Also, I'd make sure that it's ok to use PPP blogspot, i'm sure it is, I just remember that on it's not allowed. :P

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i disclose the ppp on the post and you can just scroll down past it if you want to. and i have earned almost $600 since the end of june. not too bad for sitting in my chair. but the one thing you do need to do is get your alexa score down lower to get some of the high paying opps. to do this you need to download the alexa toolbar and each time a person with the alexa toolbar visits your site it helps your rank. mine went from over a million down to 300,000 in two months. that's about all i have on it. i personally have fun with it and try to make the posts fit in with stories from personal life. go for it sparky!

smiles, bee

tiff said...

Um, please read the Christian Science Monitor. There's a good deal of real news therein that you won't find anywhere else.

It's not what it sounds like. Really. And I'm not even one of THEM, I just used to read that thang for the blind at the radio station where I worked, and daggone if it didn't have indepth stuff in it. O'course, this was YEAR nad YEARS ago, but I'm not sure they've changed the formula all that much.

J. Lynne said...

Ug, I've become so anti-PPP. Recently I was at someone one's Thursday Thirteen and went to look around the rest of their site and literally every other post was PPP. That was the pattern. I want to create some sort of blocker that warns me when I am clicking on a blog that has more than 3 PPP on their front page.

I have to admit, I tried it in a previous identity and I found the whole thing hypocritical. I thought they too often asked for reviews of products that I couldn't possibly have used and would cost me personally more to buy or use than the cost of the review. Then I'd notice people who's blogs I read regularly blogging reviews for those things and saying exactly the things that I was asked to say and I lost all respect for those people. Now I don't believe any PPP review.

melodyann said...

Dude, I LOVE corndogs!!

I would almost pay you to post the recipe. But then again, that would be stoo-pid, because I could go to recipezaar my own dang self.

Anonymous said...

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