Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Louisiana Hottie, The Late Night Edition

I no longer watch as much "adult entertainment" as I used to. You know, age does affect everyone in some way or another. But when I was younger, I think I covered as much porn as I would have needed to for the next 20 years. So, I guess I am still ahead of the game.

Yes, i know, TMI.

But, as I was searching the IMDB for my hottie of the day from Louisiana, I found out that one of my all time faves was born there. So, while I could not pick Stephanie Swift as the 50 in 50 hottie from the Bayou State, because I have my rules about porn stars and stuff like that, I could still share at least a little glimpse of her, couldn't I? Well, sure I could, its my blog.


Anthony said...

I think most guys go through a "porn phase" to one degree or another. It's the extent to which we leave it behind that makes us grown ups.
Been there, done that.

The whole public fornication thing is pretty interesting though, when you think about it.

Twyla said...

I know that no one will believe me, but I've never watched a porn movie...ever.

Lisa Andel said...

Okay, I'm cracking up cause anthony's remark brought PeeWee Herman and his movie masturbation bust popping into my head. I know that's not what he was thinking aobut though.

Public fornication hmmm, that's not something you're supposed to grow out of, is it?

Dragon said...

Its a shame someone so beautiful couldn't find another line of work. Just sayin'.

Matt-Man said...

I wanna be her fluffer.

Yoshi said...

Isn't the internet for porn? :P

But yeah, almost everyone has the porn phase.

But it's ok if you never watched it. I know many folks who never watched one porn movie.

Sparky Duck said...

Anthony-Nothing wrong with a little help now and then, but yea, thats definetly a phase to grow out of.

Twyla-I actually don't believe it. :P

Lisa-I shit you not, I had an ex GF who actually did not want to grow out of it.

Dragon-yes it could be construed as a shame, except for the fact that she sold her soul for lots and lots and lots of cash.

matt-man-Take pictures!

Yoshi-My biggest obstacle is getting Mrs Duck to watch one now and again