Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The 50K Meme

I know I was tagged for this meme, but for the life of me I can not remember who actually did the tagging. It could have been here, or here, or possibly here, or hell even this blogger, but its so old, and im a so late, I'll just give credit plenty of places.

Anyway, another day, another meme.

A philanthropist awards you $50,000 with the stipulation that you may use half of it for yourself and the other half you must use for the benefit of others. By "benefit of others" it can mean anything really, buying a gift for a family member or donating to a charity.

a. How do you spend the money on yourself?
Not even close, pay off most of my credit card debt. I would save a little bit for a rainy day and then I would take Mrs Duck to the Jersey Shore for a fun weekend, since we have not seen a beach this summer.

b. How do you use the money for others. Please be detailed, so if you say "give X dollars to charity, let us know what charity and why you select that one.
I have my favorite charities already, so it would be pretty easy. I would give 10,000 to Action Aids out of Philadelphia, since I still think HIV and Aids is a problem that has not be correctly taken care of. I would give $10,000 to Shriners Childrens hospital, which i talked about a lot within the blogathon. I would give $5000 to Nothing But Nets, which raises money to buy insect nets for people in 3rd world countries. These Nets help prevent malaria by just keeping the bugs away in the first place.

c. If you were to spend part of your money to have a performer do a show for you, who would it be and why?
While I think spending the money would sort of be a waste, since its not something that would stay with me, beyond my memories and bootlegs of it, but I would of course have to pick U2. Social Conscious and also kick ass musicians

d. If you were to use it on a new vehicle for yourself, what kind?
A hybrid vehicle of some kind, possibly a Volvo or a Honda. I'm not a car guy, it gets me from point A to Point B

e. If you spent part of it to go to a "fantasy" camp, what type would you choose?
Its not technically a fantasy camp, but every year, Disney and ESPN team up for a long weekend where ESPN takes over Disney World. One of the most fun places in the world, jammed with athletes and sports. Yep Im there.

f. If you were to use it to buy season tickets for a sports team, what team would it be?
In a total fantasy land world, I would get season tickets to Autzen Stadium for the University of Oregon football team. But, logically, since its only 50K and I have to get to the games, I would spend that dough on Eagles tickets.

g. If you were to use it to go on a cruise (assuming you like cruises) where would you cruise to?
Alaska, because I think it looks gorgeous and man the pictures would be sweet and plus most Alaska cruises start in Vancouver and I have always wanted to visit there.

h. If you were to use it to go to NYC to see a show (or shows) what would you see?
Les Miserables (again) and Wicked as well. Plus Phantom, yea, Phantom would be cool too.

I will only tag:
Lady Jane
Sea Hag

since I know that there is no way they tagged me for this meme.


FRIGGA said...

ESPN and Disney World? I never knew!
Thanks for the link love - I think it was Michael (Lover of Amy) who actaully created this one though!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yep, thanks for the props Frigga. I did tag Sparky and I am the creator of this meme. BTW Mr. Duck, you still owe us a carnival/fair food. (the final question).

Michael - Lover of Amy said...
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