Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Last AFL-CIO Burst, I hope

1.Nothing like giving the Neo Con nut jobs a question from an Argentina immigrant. I can see a backlash already. No wonder the Republicans turn the unions off.

2.Biden smacks down Hillary again on if you are going to Talk the Talk, you better Walk the Walk.

3.Okay, the guy from Argentina sounded better then the Guy asking the Oil Question.

4.Does anyone else think Dodd is trying to position himself as Hillary's VP. If we can't get Bill of course.

5.Yes, kick Dick Cheney, all Democrats love it.

6.Hillary has fought the Drug Companies in 1993 and 1994, yet she has taken money from them in last election term. I swear, Hillary does not back me as a Democrat.

7.I hate the fact that my front runners in my Party have to go moderate to get people to vote for them. Where is a Liberal with some backbone?

8.What are you changing?? What have you changed in Congress??? The Republicans have done nothing to help us change anything. The fact that it is the fault of Congress that we are still in this war is mind boggling.

9.The Obama/Bonds question is STUPID