Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jonesing for Football

You can feel it getting close, Training Camps have opened, I am sure the college kids are in full pads by now and in some of the places across the country where it gets cold earlier, I am sure they are prepping for there first game.

So leading up to the end of the month, when football really kicks off around here, with Temple playing Navy (oh thats gonna be ugly) I will be posting some sort of football type video. Not everyday, just when I feel like it or when I need a pick me up.

I present to you a classic: "Wrong Ball Coach"

The first video is the play from Real TV and the second is an interview with Letterman of the two players explaining the play to Dave.


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I'm feeling a bit better about the upcoming pro season now that Daunte Culpepper has a job!

As for college, I will still root for my University of Central Florida Knights (as of June we are no longer Golden Nights so the money whores can sell new merch) and we have to play Texas in our first game ever to be played on our campus (again thank you money whores).

Starrlight said...

Here is the problem, I am an ATL fan. Vick is screwed, Harrington has the QB version of whiskey dick and my season is prolly gonna suck. In a bad way =(

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

A lot of people are interested in what Joey may be able to do... the best point I've heard in his favor supported his efforts in Detroit. It was something like, "Who COULD win in Detroit?"

I never cared for an Atlanta team until last December. I have lived in the metro-ATL for a total of 15 years now, but I have always been loyal to my Phillies, I've had no interest in pro Basketbell and little in pro Football except where Daunte is concerned, but, thanks to my brother, I believe in BLUELAND! (and it's just 10 weeks or so to hockey season)

Sparky Duck said...

Starr-I am highly insulted by the Joey comment, plus if you are a ATL fan, you are used to disappointment on the football field.

Michael-Hockey, thats still a sport?

Starrlight said...

Football has disappointed me, in general since around 92. I live in Oregon and we are Joeytized constantly. I have burn out :P

Desert Songbird said...

NO ONE knows football heartache like Cleveland Browns fans. Do I need to mention "The Drive" for anyone to understand? Didn't think so.

Think we're going to take in a Browns training camp session just to check out the talent, even though Brady Quinn won't be there (little puke).

Now, if I could head over to Terre Haute, I'd be hog heaven...


BTW - great clips. Need to share those with hubby.

Sparky Duck said...

Michael-UT 66 UCF 10, mark it down now.

Starr-well it is Oregon, the home of Nike, I am surprised it took that long for Joey burnout. But its ten times better then Brady Leaf burnout, isn't it?

Songbird-You forget with The Drive, there was also the Byner Fumble. Blah blah blah Colts. Share away, and come back there will be more the rest of the month until kickoff.

tiff said...

8-man football - who knew?