Friday, August 03, 2007

I gotta get me some Executive Privilege

Lost in the fog of yesterdays news about the tragedy in Minnesota was the continuing flouting of the powers of Congress by this administration. Yesterday, it was Karl Rove who blew off the questions of the Judiciary Committee investigating the Attorneys General firings. Instead, he sent one of his underlings, a 29 year old J. Scott Jennings to answer some questions. Though it seemed to be the only questions that Jennings could really answer was whether his name was really J. Scott Jennings.

He said he was there as a sign of goodwill and also a chance to avoid the chances of a contempt of Congress charges. How come Rove is not afraid of those charges? But, back to Jennings, most of the questions were answered by saying he was under orders to claim executive privilege regarding that conversation. No matter what the conversation or question, the Committee could not get Jennings to stray from the stock answer. It started to become comical, I was waiting for someone to ask Jennings what his favorite color was, or when will Bonds hit his 775th home run, just to get him to answer a question.

Again, where was Rove? Why did he not deign himself to come down from his hidden undisclosed location to do the same thing that Jennings did? Well, we all know why he was not there, the idea of the picture of Bush's brain not answering questions is a picture that would go down in short term pop culture history.

I have to look into this Executive privilege thing. "Honey, did you take the garbage out" "oh I have to sight executive privilege on that one sweet stuff." "Did you sleep with that stripper?" "Yep executive privilege, the stripper and I discussed important matters of state." "Did you forget its my birthday" "Oh um, executive privilege darling, the cats and I discussed something along those lines over cleaning litter, so we can not confirm or deny forgetting a birthday." Sounds like a win win to me.

One last little note, I have a question for you 30% of the population that still think the President is doing a good job. Do you not think now that he is acting a tad bit petulant by keeping his closest advisors from testifying in front of anyone? I mean, this does smell a bit like a 10 year old pouting in his bedroom and singing "Baby got Back" at the top of his lungs because Mommy and Daddy did not let him have his chocolate cake before dinner.


Matt-Man said...

I'm waiting for the Administration to deny that either Karl Rove or Dick Cheneny exist!! Cheers Sparky-Man!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

la la la la la la la la la la la la

sorry honey, i can't hear you today!

smiles, bee

Starrlight said...

Oh if only Matt, if only. And yes this is starting to look like Romper Room, The Ritalin Years.

FRIGGA said...

Not defending Bush, but congress has an approval rating of only 16% - our representatives have stopped representing us 8-/

Lisa Andel said...

Always good to see more exposure where it needs to be directed.

30%? Guess some people get to vote more than once.

nancy said...

The whole thing is so insane I can't stand it. Talk about living in an alternate universe.

Right now, I cannot stand anyone in any elected office. I think they all should be fired. Disgraceful.

The Gal Herself said...

I worked very hard on John Kerry's campaign and am more proud of it than anything I've done in my sorry life. When he lost, I felt as though I'd been slammed in the stomach with a Louisville slugger. I still cannot believe who we gave up, and what we got in return. When stuff like this happens (and let's not forget that it was the avoid-the-draft Mr. Rove who got the idea to "swiftboat" the war hero), I feel like yelling from the rooftops, "HAPPY NOW, AMERICA?" and wash my hands of all of it. After all, it was sure as shit more than 30% of my fellow Americans who voted for this man. But I'm concentrating on 2008. It's the only positive avenue we've got.

Buttercup said...

I with Gal and hoping for a sea change in 2008. We need it and so does the world.

Bond said...

scooter libby
j. scott jennings

seems they have a whole supply of people to sacrifice

Sparky Duck said...

Matt-If only that was true, things might be better.

Bee-Thanks for tolerating me :)

Starr-I think we are the ones that need the ritalin to survive another year

Frigga-the 30% was an arbitrary number, it could be just as bad as Congress by now. I knew Congress would not be able to do anything because the Senate needs more of a majority to override any vetoes. Its now become who can hold there breath the longest.

Andel-I think some people must have voted 3 times.

Nancy-we can't fire them all, its only the people with money that can run for office right now in the first place. And we do have like one or two good people in office, i hope at least.

Buttercup & Gal-I applaud you for your volunteer work for Kerry. If you look at who the right is trotting out, we really really need a change.

Bond-Its always the underlings on the firing line, kinda like Ollie North.

And sheesh, don't even get me started on the FISA law.

tiff said...


And again, argh.

There's something that just not RIGHT about this switcheroo thing. Gah! Angry now!

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