Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Grown Up Meme

I have all these memes that I have gotten tagged for and what do I do? I do one that has no tags at all. When Yoshi talks about being a procrastinator, I am right on the top of his list.

One Gal's Musings had this meme on her blog this week and it is back to school season here in Philadelphia, at least in the colleges here. And that of course makes me very nostalgic. So, the Grown Up meme seemed to be perfection. No tags, but if you do it, please let me know and I will point some eyes that way.

1. Do you have a college degree?

Yes, a bachelor of arts in history. Alot of good thats done me

2.What was the amount of your last electric bill?

3. Do you have life insurance?
Yes, for now at least

4. How many hours per week do you work?
and get paid for it 0; the cooking cleaning etc stuff around the house, 15 or so

5. Have you ever attended a Toastmasters event?
No, but I think those are like roasts right? Those always look fun on TV

6. Favorite place to attend Happy Hour?
In the old days, the Stone Balloon in Newark, De. Nowadays, if not my kitchen, 2021 in the city.

7. How many miles is your commute to work each day (one way)?
Down the stairs. Though the wife has an hour commute everyday by train. My old commute was almost an hour and a half one way.

8. What time do you get up every morning for work?
7:15 AM

9. What is your definition of sleeping in late?
10:00. If I sleep any later then that, my whole morning is all screwed up, like I am in a fog or something.

10. Do you check your cholesterol on a yearly basis?
Oh hell no

11. How large was your first cell phone bill?
$49 or so

12. Does your employer provide good health insurance?

Eh, I am on Mrs Ducks plan, it was better then mine but the co pays still suck

13. Did you use the internet to write a research paper?

No, the internet was still just something that you could just check email with when I was in college. It was a novelty, not a tool.

14. Have you attended a High School reunion?

Nope, I actually just missed my 15th anniversary last year.

15. How many jobs have you held in your professional career?
3 different companies, with one company I had 3 different jobs, so I guess thats about 6

16. Have you ever been fired or laid off from a job?
Yes, problem with being in banking was that mergers mean layoffs. I am on layoff duty as we speak, though no one wants to listen to me when I internally scream, no more BANKING

17. What is your favorite drink?
Mountain Dew and in the alcohol variety, it would be a Stoli Martini with olives, Up

18. What is the most expensive bottle of wine that you have in your refrigerator?
Now, this bottle of Riesling was a gift, heck from the wedding last year, but I am sure its a $18 bottle of wine. The cheapest one on the wine rack is $6. Gotta love the Aussies.

19. Have you been divorced?
Yep, boy that was fun ;p

20. How old were you when you stopped getting ID-ed for Alcohol?
I got ID'd last month at one of those TGIF, Ruby Tuesday places. Hell, I got ID'd for smokes last week.

21. Favorite casino?
I have never been to Vegas, so I guess it would be the Taj in AC. Though the Resorts was a favorite because I actually won money for the weekend.

22. Are you happier now than you were in high school?
Yes, I get laid now ;)

23. Did you ever have Hypercolor shirts?
No, but my brother had one. So I know what they are, its just that it seems I am always to old for new trends.

24. Do you remember when Michael Jackson was black and was attracted to older people?
Yes, he was still black in Thriller and that was a great album. The change was happening though.

25. Do you remember when MTV actually played music videos?
Yes, which is why I like Fuse now, because they still play videos. Videos were my summer soundtrack when I was a teen.

26. Have you had a will made?

Sort of. There is no will now, but before I got married, my boss had a if I die in a plane crash will, which said who would take the cat and where the small pittance of money would go. Now, Mrs Duck knows I want to be cremated, but thats it.

27. What music was in your cd / cassette player when you were 16?
Guns N Roses, Living Colour, U2-Rattle & Hum, INXS, Bobby McFerrin, Troop, Keith Sweat. So much more.

28. Favorite fancy / upscale restaurant?
Roy's, asian fusion cooking, a nice little taste of Hawaii in Center City

29. How long has it been since you attended a kegger?
Ok, technically it was 1996. But, few weeks back, the Senator had a birthday party with a keg and I had to go back on Sunday to help him kick it.

30. Where were you when you found out about 9-11?
Work. I was listening to Imus in the Morning on the radio in my office and Chuck McCord the news guy said that a plane had hit one of the towers. They thought it was just one of those piper cubs. When they said a 2nd plane hit, we scrambled to get the old TV set up at the branch. Its amazing how fast 2 guys can get a 30 pound TV up when its really important. The whole branch just stared agast. Being in Central Jersey at the time, you could see the smoke from where we were. Still give me shivers.

Like I said, if you do the meme, let me know, I would love to see it.


kailani said...

Wow, you still get carded? That must be nice!

Of course, I love Roy's too!

Yoshi said...

I'm such the procrastinator. You know it. I've got so many memes i'm tagged for, but I'll get to them I promise. I swear!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Great responses, I will have to do this one tonight or tomorrow.

Lisa Andel said...

Crap, you just reminded me I have some memes to do. I wonder if I can roll them all into one mega-meme...

Momish said...

What the heck is a hypercolor shirt? I am gonna take a gander here and say I never owned one!

Nancy said...

This is a grown up one. I got carded recently.

Why do those of us that live in Northeastern states pay a friggin fortune in utilities? Obscene, I tell you!

Anndi said...

I remember getting carded on my 18th birthday when I went out to celebrate with friends.. and aftr that that was pretty much it until once when I was 30.. I could have kiised the guy full on the lips for that!

(Make a will dear.. seriously!)

Dragon said...

22 made me laugh out loud!

FRIGGA said...

Oooh, I like this one... I know I've been a little MeMe crazy lately, but there's so many good ones out there... Oh, and I'm now jealous of your commute! :P

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Momish - hypercolor was a short-lived fad of heat-sensitive clothing, in particular you could press your hand against someone's back and the shirt would change colors leaving your handprint in a different color. They still do some similar stuff. I won a Key West T-shirt that is b/w but in sunlight certain parts fill in with color.

Starrlight said...

That was a fun read! I may have to look into it :P

Anthony said...

Looks like your BA in history does you about as much good as my BS in acccounting.

I posted mine today.

Another Desert Rat said...

Great answers for a "grown up" meme. I, too, was the victim of a hostile banking take-over. The severance was nice, tho...

The divorce was fun, too (uh, huh)

I got carded a couple of weeks back and I about fell out laughing - my smart ass husband told the guy I'd been around THAT block at least twice!

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