Monday, July 16, 2007

News Hounding The Get a Life Edition

We used to get the Sunday paper delivered every week. Beyond flipping through the classifieds and the coupons, neither of us would read the entire paper for some reason. Now that we don't get it delivered and we are buying it at the supermarket on Sundays, we tear through the whole thing. Why is that?

Anywho, in my flipping, I came across a few stories that I needed to share.

Italian chefs, mostly in Italy are looking to ban garlic in there cooking. While I have no problem with chefs making a decision on how they prepare there own culinary delights, how can they think that they can ban garlic from every item they prepare. How are you going to make a good pesto sauce without garlic? Pasta de aglio? I hope my favorite italian restaurant in the suburbs does not jump on this silly bandwagon, because they make this great calamari and pasta dish, which would surely suffer without garlic.

And then there was the Pool Nazi. Monica Yant Kinney always finds some interesting stories and this was another time that shows how our fellow man can really be a bitch or bastard. I get the whole association rules, insurance, im just not allowed to nonsense. But jeez, to say you have security, video cameras and to be proud of being called the pool naze is a tad nuts. Shame on you, pretentious people of Green Tree Run in Roxborough, PA. Though I think I should also say shame on Camco, who according to Miss Kinney, runs the complexes on the management side and is letting the association get a little bit to big for its britches in my opinion.

A nice little google search of Green Tree Run association shows them to have already tried to control the handicap parking spaces for there residents unless they gave them there full medical records. Um, no, who declared a condo association Mother Superior actually?


pissed off patricia said...

Are you kidding me? Not use garlic? People take garlic pills for their health. WTF is that guy thinking?

Asara said...

oh hellz no!!! I loves me some garlic, my spaghetti would never be the same!!!

Matt-Man said...

Well if I could be the video operator of a swimming pool, I'd be all for it. Cheers!!

Anthony said...

Monica is by far my favorite columnist at the Inky. Lately, she's been on a "snob watch". Her last essay about the old Pennsauken Mart is a beaut. She's been on that story since the beginning, and it smells of corrupt politics.

I'm a condo resident my-own-self, and I don't care for a lot of the rules, and as far as I'm concerned, they could fill the pool in with sand and save me a lot of money every month paying for something I never use.

Starrlight said...

No Garlic?!!? Who are these barbarians....the French would never friggin do that :P

FRIGGA said...

Please don't take away my garlic!!!!