Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I must be nuts-Blogathon 2007

***The Second Announcement***

This Saturday, July 28th, I am embarking on an endeavor that makes me think I must be a little touched in the head. But, to raise money for charity, I and many other bloggers out there will be attempting to blog 24 hours straight, making a blog post once every 24 hours in the 2007 Blogathon. I will be raising money for the Shriners Childrens Hospitals. The money that I personally donate will go to the Shriners Childrens Hospital here in Philadelphia, but you can make any donation you want to any of the 22 hospitals across North America, or the Shriners Childrens Hospital fund in general. I chose this charity because it is near and dear to Mrs Duck's heart, but I will allow her to explain in a later post, since I can not totally wrap my head around it.

You can leave a donation and even do it anonymously if you'd like in either a set sum, or in a sum based upon how many posts I do over those 24 hours. Just click the badge in the right corner, sign up for the page, its easy and then make your pledge.Just look for Philly Transplant in the list. And don't worry, I will keep reminding you up until Friday night. *evil grin*

However, I do need some other things, at least to help me get through these 24 hours.

1.If anyone had a good experience with the Shriners hospitals, send me an email at blujackit AT gmail.com and tell me about it.
2.I am looking for 3 to 5 volunteers for interviews that I conduct, so I have some posts all set in case I run out of materials. I will let you plug something in the interview, so it is win win.
3.If you notice, I have been slow on memes this week, sort of sandbagging em just in case, so if anyone has a meme that needs a tag, keep the old duck in mind.

I hope it will be a fun experience and I thank you for just reading this rambling, though 22 hours into it on Saturday, I could see it being much much worse. Later on in the week I will also be offering a little incentive to just try and keep me awake.


Christine d'Abo said...

That is awesome Sparky!! I have a meme I can throw at you tomorrow. I hope you haven't done it.

Good luck! I'll check in on you to see how you make out. :)

FRIGGA said...

did you mean making a blog post once every hour for 24 hours?

I don't really get it, but good luck anyway :P

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Nice work friend. As you'll know by a personal email I'm also sending you, my beloved Amy is a nurse at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital here in Atlanta. It is no longer a masonic charity listed on thier website, but it is still a non-profit with three campuses under the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (www.choa.org).


Christie O. said...

wow! that's so wonderful! you know, children's charities are near and dear to my heart! feel free to interview me if you like, and feel free to do that moaning meme i tagged you with a while back (unless that's already on your radar.) anyway, snaps for sparky!

FRIGGA said...

Yahoo sucks and doesn't let me send email sometimes :-/
Now I get it and - oh man, I hope you have most of those posts all ready to go and just hit "publish" every half hour... otherwise I would so fall asleep on the job

Sparky Duck said...

Frigga-yea uh not yet, though they are in the brain, so thats something

Nancy said...

I will come visit you. Good for you for doing this.

Ask away if you want and I just saw a MEME today...here it is:


And, I did one this week entitled Analyze this.

that is good for two posts out of 24.

Dragon said...

If you still need an interview, I'm willing.