Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bthon 4.48 Trader Joes Coffee

Ok, I have been on a coffee jag so far, but I know I am going to need it, so whats wrong with talking about it. And those of you who are regular readers know how much I love Trader Joe's. It used to be this nice little treat to go there when my parents lived out in Arizona. But now, TJ's has started to make a presence felt in the Philly suburbs. And while it is no where near as good as the Trader Joes in Center City, the one in Willow Grove did allow me to find one of my favorite Trader Joe's coffees, Joe's Bay Blend.

A little bit more about me here, I love the Pacific Northwest, I love visiting there, I love the fact Portland has beer in there malls and I love the fact that Seattle has a coffee shop on every corner. And Joe's Bay Blend just seems to be from the Emerald City. If you need a pick me up, I highly reccomend picking some up.

Hopefully I will not be doing anymore rambling posts, at least in the next hour or so!


Emily Ryan-Davis said...

Mmmmcoffee. Do I stay home in my pajamas and brew a pot, or do I get dressed, hike up to the coffee shop and buy a cuppa iced?

In November, I'm going to be in the Portland area for 3 days for a friend's wedding/reception. I'll have two days to fill. What should I make priority? It'll be my first-ever trip further west than Texas, and my very first northwest.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Oh I totally agree, it was a happy day for me when TJ's came to Ann Arbor. I really enjoy their crumpets and free trade coffee.
But Howie prefers Doritoes to their salsa-flavored corn chips.
And, I love Portland. The vibe there is...well it's laidback and cool without trying to be cool.

Bond said...

I um.. don't drink

FRIGGA said...

I heart Trader Joe's :P