Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bthon 5.48 Some Shriner History

If anyone that knows me knew I was blogging for the Shriners and the Shriners Childrens Hospital, I mean really knew me, they would probably be a bit surprised. A little Sparky sidenote here, I am alot more Wiccan then anything else, so raising money for an organization that seems to be proporting the belief in one true being above is a little bit outside of my element. I guess, its a lesson, that if someone is doing some good, you don't need to believe in every little thing that the someone is doing to take advantage of the good.

Well, anyway, so whats a Shriner? Well, they are members of a Fraternal Organization. The only requirement is that they must be a Mason, someone that believes in the above mentioned higher being. Which I guess is a good thing since it opens it up to almost all religions, well but mine. The organization was formed in the 1870s by William Florence and Walter Fleming, to members of the aristocratic society in New York at that time. Since it is a Fraternity and I am not a member, there are plenty of things about what goes on in the Masonic Temples that are a mystery, but some how, I think as time has gone on, they have become more like any other community organization, like a VFW, Knights of Columbus, and the like.

They have a main board, like a board of Directors in any publicly traded company, which is called the Imperial Divan and the CEO of the board is elected to a one year term and is called the Imperial Potentate.

Now say that last sentence 3 times fast and see how long it takes you to get tongue tied.


It's Me... Maven said...

Isn't a "Divan" a sofa?


Keep on blogging, Mr. Ducky!!

Nancy said...

My grandfather was a Mason. The best part of his burial is when the Mason's came and did their ritual. Is pissed my Catholic relatives, big time....

Bond said...

I wanna be a potentate

that just sounds so cool

FRIGGA said...

I couldn't even say the last sentence once. :-0