Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bthon 3.48 Cartoons

So, I may not usually be up this early, but, someone please tell me what has happened to the cartoons of my youth. (yep sounding about 90 all of a sudden). Where is Bugs? Where is Hanna-Barbera? Heck I would even take the Smurfs right about now? All these cartoons on the Big 4 networds seem to be skewed towards tweens, with some really shoddy drawing skills and lots and lots of just mean or cranky kids. Or its all Power Rangers with really bad dubbing? I would even watch Recess over this schlock. Now I see why we are usually watching ESPN or HGTV on Saturday mornings.

Though the only problem with that is once Mrs Duck gets HGTV on, it never seems to turn off. Did I mention we live in an apartment??

On a side note, I think this seems to be the longest that the coffee pot has ever taken.


tiggerprr said...

Does it help that I totally agree with you? I've bought all the collections of the Looney Tunes, but I sure do miss the hour and a half that was "The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show" on Saturday mornings...and don't even get me started on how I love for the Kroft Supershow (isn't that was it was called?).

Emily Ryan-Davis said...

I saw the Flintstones somewhere in the last few months, but darned if I can remember what channel.

Cartoon Network is not so much with the late20-30-40something cartoons. I miss the old skool. Fortunately my husband has an incurable DVD habit, and while I grouch and grouse because my apartment's overrun by DVDs, at least I have him to buy Loony Toons.

Christie O. said...

Man, I swear I say this every Saturday morning when I am up early and there is only teen stuff, infomercials, and business crap on tv. Remember waking up at 7am and watching cartoons ALL MORNING until Loony Toons came on at like 11:30 to finish it all off? Then we would start our day afterward and play OUTSIDE all day, until the lights came on and mom was yelling from the door to sit down for dinner. Oh those were the days. I'll try to keep checking in on you today! We're headed out for vacation this week. Good luck blogging!!

Nancy said...

Hey Guy! How pots of coffee will you consume today.

I did not realize you had to post EVERY HALF HOUR!!! EEK!

Today's cartoons suck. I miss the Justice League.

I will drop by later!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Thank you! I am in total agreement. Where IS Bugs?
My favorite one is "What's opera doc"

Anthony said...

I watch stuff on HDTV that I normally wouldn't, just because it looks so GOOD!

Bond said...

I agree I agree...I did see a Thuderbirds on youth...and where are the Little Rascals???

FRIGGA said...

The Smurfs rock! :-)