Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bthon 20.48 Our First Contest

The winners will be announced at 7:30 EST, so two posts from now. And there will be the possibility of 4 winners. The prize? Either a $6 itunes gift card, or a $6 donation to your favorite charity. Please just one answer per person.

Again, it is centered around Philadelphia.

Everyone, or most people know about the 4 main sport teams in Philadelphia.
The Phillies
The Flyers
The Eagles
The Sixers

But there are 4 other professional sport teams in Philadelphia. Or at least professional in the fact that the players are paid and you have to pay to see them play.

So, name one of the teams?


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Gah! it would have to be a sports question. Sorry - no clue. but waving hi! Go Sparky Go!!!

Widow's Son said...

I know three of the four, but I'll only name one: the Kixx soccer team.

Widow's Son