Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 21.48 Still the Contest

So far, no winners on our sports quiz contest, which means there are still 4 prizes out there, or 4 sponsorships even.

To make your googling life easier, I will even tell you what sports

-one is a hockey team that is not the Flyers-The Phantoms
-one is in the Arena Football League with a famous owner
-one is in Major League Indoor Lacrosse, nope I've never seen a game either
-one is an Indoor Soccer team, they play in Trenton sometimes-The Kixx

So there you go, so easy with a little computer. One guess per person and there are 4 $6 itunes cards or 4 $6 sponsorships up for grabs. A Half hour to go.

Thats 2!


Anthony said...

So, if I said The Philadelphia Freedoms would that make 5? They don't play in Philly (technically, they play in Radnor).

So, for the contest, I'll say the Phantoms.

Emily Ryan-Davis said...

Is it the Wings for Lacrosse?