Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bthon 19.48 If we are gonna talk Philly and Freemasons

We have to talk Ben Franklin. Obviously, he is probably Philadelphia's favorite son, him or William Penn. But I would have to back Ben. He was a free mason, but was also a renaissance man. A political theorist, physicist, scholar, writer, and i think he may have invented cable TV.

His first revolutionary act was to the move to repeal the Stamp Act, and being the ambassador of France, and probably did some fine negotiating to get the French to become allies in the Revoloutionary War.

He invented:
charted the gulf streams
grasped the idea of a refrigeration
and the first Fire Station company.

This man was Philadelphia, evidenced by the naming of the Franklin Institute and The Ben Franklin Bridge after him.

Oh yea, and there was the whole Declaration of Independence thing.


Sally said...

Well hello fellow Philly blogger! Aren't you excited to be inside for the 'thon on this beautiful city day? :(


Dragon said...

Well, now I have to come visit!

Bond said...

Ben was one hell of a guy.... incredible man

FRIGGA said...

I really want to visit Philly - see all this historical stuff. As a resident, do you take adventage of all these places?