Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bthon 18.48 Career Meme

My buddy and one of my sponsors One Gal at One Gals Musings tagged me for a meme the other day. This is the first meme of the blogathon, at least for me. But, come on, you knew someone was going to pull out a meme sometime.

Its called the Career meme.

Here is how to play:
If you had the opportunity to do a 1-year internship in a company or field completely unrelated to your current career or specialty, what would be your top 5 choices?

1.ESPN-This was an idea that was much more idealogical when ESPN was not just a station that schilled for the rest of Disney's channels and also made sure to suck up to the athletes. But the hustle and bustle of trying to hit a deadline and covering some major stories has to be something.

2.The White House:If you ever watched the West Wing, I would have loved to have had Charlies job. Of course I would love it for a president I actually liked, but it still seems like it would be a great job just to see all that power.

3.The Washington Post:The newspaper of Woodward and Bernstein. That should be enough said shouldn't it?

4.Teaching:I was actually on track to be a teacher at graduation from college, but I made other choices and got out of school after 4 years instead of 5. I often wonder what the difference would have been.

5.Nike:They develop the cutting edge of sport products. They get to meet alot of great athletes and they probably have great seats at University of Oregon games since Phil Knight, founder of Nike, is an alumni with a big checkbook. What could be bad about that?

I tag anyone that wants to try it.


Tilly Greene said...

My vote for you would be love sports and I'm sure the deadlines wouldn't bother you for a few years at least :-)

But just think, all the inside info, front row seats, locker room passes, oh yeah, right up your alley!

Bond said...

You are right about shilling movies from sister-studio...but they still give me my sports news and you could always work over on the ESPNews side where it is 90% reporting...

Bond said...

HEY I CAUGHT UP.. ok setting clock...:48 got it.... heheheh


Dragon said...

Why be Charlie when you could be the president?

FRIGGA said...

I'd love to do the White House gig (for a few months anyway) and I almost became a teacher - but its too political. Weird huh? :P