Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bthon 17.48 Totinos

Yep, more random malarkey.

Its back to the idea that I may be in fact addicted to TiVo. Because now that I am forced to watch these TV Commercials, it is a tad painful.

The one grating on my nerves, beyond the newest Viagara one, is the Totinos Pizza Roll commercial. It may be made by the same people that did the Ovaltine commercials as well. How many times have you eaten a Totinos Pizza Roll, or any pizza roll for that fact, or in fact most frozen pizzas that you scream at the top of your lungs "I LOVE TOTINOS PIZZA ROLLS!" How high do we think this kid maybe? I guess not to high since he knew to say the name Totinos.


Lisa Andel said...

After 117 takes.

Tilly Greene said...

Hey, Real California Cheese [] actually offer commercials that can't be missed! Seriously funny! Their website even offer "blooper" reels...check it out and have a good laugh!

Wingman is one of my favorites :-)

Bond said...

OH, ummm you mean I am not supposed to yell that when I take a bite?

Oh, is that why people look at me?


FRIGGA said...

Ha LoL!

I hate the commercial too :-)