Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We Have Winners, Oh yes we do

I ran the guess where we honeymooned contest over the weekend, just so you all would come and visit little old me while I was MIA from the computer and it went splendidly, as usual.

The question, for your memory was:The Duck Family went on our honeymoon to Hawaii. We visited two of the islands there. Name One of them.

A big thank you and gropes to everyone (well no gropes for Anthony) for their well wishes. Everyone did a great job on the guesses and the right answers were Maui and Oahu.

We had 10 right guesses, so I assigned everyone a number and did two seperate 10 sided dice rolls to see who the winners were. So, a big congratulations to Kailani of Island Life and Christine of ArewethereyetMom.

Truth be told, we had 11 right answers, since Lifeasamama also guessed correctly. But she is a winner because she was the 10th person to leave a comment and since Mrs Duck and I met in October, 10 was the secret number!

So, all you lucky winners, drop me an email with your addresses to blujackit AT gmail DOT com. Next contest, I think I am going to disqualify Kailani because she just keeps winning.

Oh and speaking of Kailani and contests, she is running a gift exchange on her sight. Its super easy to sign up for and who doesnt love getting surprises in the mail. Hurry though, you have until June 7th to get your name in. I am even doing it.


Haley-O said...

Ohhhh! I went to those islands on my honeymoon, too! Beautiful!

Anthony said...

I'll consider a "no grope" as a win in this case.

Desert Songbird said...

Ha! Being your gift exchange partner would be hilarious!

Tug said...

CONGRATS to the winners!!

I cheated & looked when I got to my home computer...knew right then I was wrong on the one.


Christine said...

I've been looking for some new music for the Summertime. :)

Thanks I'll send an email of my addy.