Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Twofer Tuesday-,Meme edition

As I said sometime last week, I have been getting hit up with alot of meme tags, which to me is a lot of fun, so I surely do not mind. I am going to drop two of them into one post here. This way you get to know more about Sparky Duck!

Journeywoman hit me up with a Random 3 meme, well sort of since she tagged anyone with the an S in their name. I am going to use the same tagging technique, but stop by her blog sometime, its a nice new one I have discovered recently.

Random sets of 3’s:

3 things you WILL do in this lifetime:
1) Find a Job that makes me happy
2) Move south of the Mason Dixon line-preferably the Palmetto State
3) Go back to Hawaii 2 or 3 more times

3 songs with lyrics that have made you cry:
1) Hallejuhah by Jeff Buckley
2) Happy Birthday, sometimes I am a sucker when I am the center of attention
3) Your Love-Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

3 TV shows you enjoy watching (old or new):
1) The West Wing
2) The White Shadow
3) Family Guy

Dreams you once upon a time had, but that haven’t come true and you’re okay with that:
1) To be a professional athlete
2) To write for a newspaper (those hours have to stink)
3) To move to the Pacific Northwest (turns out it snows there)

3 places you go/have been where you found a sense of peace:
1) Maui
2) The Delaware River Canal by Washington Crossing
3) In the dark with my headphones on

3 minor regrets in life:
1) Cutting off my cousins when I cut off the rest of that side of the family
2) Going to a private High School
3) Not going back for that fifth year of College

3 clich├ęs or common phrases that you tend to believe are true:
1) Karma is a bitch
2) To have and to have lost is much better then not having at all
3) A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down

Okay, I'm tagging anyone who is reading this and has either a G,O,A, or L in their first, last or pen names.

If you do the meme, let me know.

Momish is always zinging me with memes, I think I need to keep that in mind when its time for me to hand out tags, Philly Love or no Philly Love. So, here goes the ABC Meme, be sure to check the T to see who is Tagged.

The ABC Meme:

A - Attached or Single? Attached, happily attached

B - Best Friend? Well, Mrs Duck is my best friend, but I will also call out Bristol Boy, because all guys need a guy they can shoot the breeze with and be able to say, hey check out those boobs.

C - Cake or Pie? Cake, I think, but really for me its cookies!!

D - Drink of Choice? Vodka, a Martini up with olives. On the non alcoholic side, its always gonna be Mountain Dew

E - Essential Items? The Laptop, Ipod, cellphone (even though its just my watch) something to cook with.

F - Favorite Color? Purple, always purple

G - Gummie Bears or Worms? Gummy Bears. The worms remind me too much of you know, real worms, bird or no bird

H - Hometown? suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

I - Indulgence? One Life to Live, Judge Judy, Starburst

J - January or February? January. January is the biggest month when it comes to football and I love football

K - Kids? nope, just two furry ones

L - Life is incomplete without? My Wife and my cats

M - Marriage Date? oh like I have not talked about this alot already 6/2/06

N - Number of Siblings? One younger brother, living with the rest of the family in Texas

O - Oranges or Apples? Oranges

P - Phobias/Fears? Mice, mice make my toes curl and I feel like I could be hyperventialting when seeing them.

Q - Favorite Quote? "You Can't Handle the Truth"

R - Reason to smile? Sunshine, waves, a perfect meal, a great game on TV, the smile of my wife, purrs from the kitties, a good song really loud

S - Seasons? Summer, with Fall a close second

T - Tags? Oh, tough one really, but I am going to tag Valstool Box and Christie from ArewethereyetMom?

U - Unknown Fact About Me? I share a lot of stuff on this blog, so its very very hard to figure out what I have not revealed, but I played the Mailman in my kindergarten play. I think I still have the hat somewhere in my closet.

V - Vegetarian or oppressor of animals? Im a meat eater, though for whatever reason, I dont eat Veal, Lamb or Duck (obviously)

W - Worst Habit? Cancer Sticks

X - X-rays or ultrasounds? Well, I have never had an X-Ray and only had an Ultrasound once for appendicitis, but Ultrasounds seems like they would make you claustrophobic!

Y - Your favorite food? Mexican, the more authentic the better.

Z-Zodiac? Libra, its why I am so decisive!

Two memes, phew Im pooped.


The winners of the Anniversary contest will be announced this afternoon!!


Dragon said...

Ah, Jeff Buckley. He left us too soon.

EC said...

Great answers! Purple though? I don't even know many girls who like purple, lol.

Toni said...

Have you been to SC? I have lived there- no thanks! Humid doesn't even begin to describe it!

Annie said...

Hmm, the phobias line triggered a memory; remember when there were mice and/or rats in that Freddie Krueger-like basement of the bank that one time? In that room that held the heating and cooling unit, though it was more like Freddie's boiler room if you ask me. Funny how something will trigger a memory!

The Gal Herself said...

Tim McGraw/Faith Hill? Mr. Duck, I am always surprised by what a softie you are! And, since Gal has 3 or your 4 required letters ("gaol" means jail, right?) I am considering myself tagged.

Momish said...

Ah, Philly love! Thanks for doing the meme! I learned a lot about you, for sure. Like you even more!

P.S. I will skip you next time around. After that, no promises!

Haley-O said...

Life is TOTALLY incomplete without kitties. I'm sooo craving an ORANGE right now.... go figure.