Monday, June 04, 2007

A Debate? In New Hampshire?? In June???

well of course, its the most wide open race to the White House that I can remember and the cable news companies are not fools. They know that people are still semi-captive audiences in front of their TV's. School is still in session in the Northeast and probably other cold places along the country, so vacations have not started. We need something to watch.

So, it was a rainy night and Mrs Duck and I had a long weekend, so we settled in last night to watch the Democratic debate. In the end, it really did not do anything but eliminate one more candidate from my book. That still leaves 5, possibly 6, not exactly a chance to winnow down the field. So, my thoughts? I though you would never ask.

Former Senator Gravel of Alaska: I think that is his name, though it could be Gravey. I would not say you are getting your message out if I can not even remember your name 24 hours later. Anyway, he struck me as Grandpa Simpson. I would think thats enough said.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Not bad, but no way in the world will he get the nomination. It would be like putting McGovern, Goldwater, or *shudder* Dukakis up for the nomination. He does get a gold star for having the hottest mate!

Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut: Dodd continued to show himself, at least in my mind, to be an excellent running mate material. He is calm, kind of funny, but in too deep as a Washington insider. He might be the smartest candidate out their, but I feel he still can't get the traction to get his message across. One good thing that Dodd did do was vote no on the war funding bill before it had been decided, unlike what Clinton and Obama did.

Senator Joe Biden of Delaware: My personal favorite still, though its again my University of Delaware bias. He is the most hawkish, and in my book the most capable of dealing with international diplomacy. He is also a bit too emotional, as was shown by his passion for Darfur. This turns people off, or reminds people of the Dean moment in Iowa.

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico: Too smart for his own good. The most overall experienced in the many facets of government, as a Representative, Governor, Secretary in the Clinton cabinet and an Ambassador. But, he spends way too much time telling us how he has the most overall experience in government. Beyond Gravel, and Kuchinich, he is the 3rd candidate that I elminated from my own considerations.

Former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina: Still a very skilled debater, but in a spot that he is not necessarily comfortable with. He was the Obama four years ago and now he is striving to try and not be the third forgotten candidate. He is certainly capable, and he tries to get together at times with Obama to gang up on Hillary, though Obama was not biting, which kind of left Edwards hanging a little bit. Easy to be against some of the programs and votes by the Congress because he is no longer in the Senate.

Senator Barak Obama of Illinois:
Clear and confident, though not captivating. He maybe still laying low in the weeds, waiting to strike, but he never did burst on the scene as a debater. Not bad, but not great either. Definetly passed on a few attempts to join Edwards and attack Clinton. Though he surely kept himself in the race.

Senator Hillary Clinton of New York: started out, at least to me, a bit rocky. Needed some time to get comfortable. Once she was comfortable, she was pretty spot on. After a while I did not find her to be speaking in a shrill motherly tone and actually listened to her message. Still a confident politician, take that as a good or bad thing.

Best performance:Biden, Dodd, Clinton
Worst peformance:Richardson, Gravel

Only like 18,000 more of these to go folks.


Starrlight said...

Ahh Hilary. I just can't go there. I mean I feel like crap cause she is the most viable female candidate and while the feminist in me would would love to see a women president, the rest of me is saying "yeah but not this one."

Bill I'd vote for in a heartbeat. I wanted to give him a third term based on creative cigar use alone ;)

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

See I think Joe Biden is really smart, but he lets his mouth get waaay ahead of himself. That is not exactly good. Richardson is too much of a unslick guy, worse than Romney in terms of changing his mind. Check out his performance on meet the press. An hour of Tim Russert giving him hell, it was fun.

The Gal Herself said...

I am warming to the idea of Hillary. She is much better in these debates than I expected. I loved how she wouldn't be trapped in those hypotheticals and she was right because: 1) they produce soundbites from hell that can soundbite you right in the ass and 2) you never know how close to "wanted: dead or alive" they will play overseas. But, she's not Bill. While I was not even remotely amused by the Lewinsky affair, I am crazy about his curiosity and his inclusiveness and his world view. I might like Hillary more if I didn't keep expecting her to be Bill.

Obama bothers me because I'm from the Chicagoland area and we hear stuff that the national press hasn't picked up on. Yet. I worry how bristley he'll be when the press tries to pin him down (on things he deserves to be pinned down on).

Biden is so smart and so qualified and so completely unable to launch a viable candidacy.

Edwards? I don't trust how I feel about him. First, I think he's really hot, and there's something kind of creepy about being hot for your president. And Elizabeth rocks. But neither blue eyes nor spouse is a reason to vote for a candidate.

So I'm still undecided. (But not so undecided I have to watch the Republicans. I mean, REALLY!)