Monday, June 04, 2007

Overbooked Weekend

It was a long one, but a fun one none the less. Well, of course it was a fun one, it was spent with my baby the entire time, how bad could that be? OK, maybe enough sucking up, no?

Friday was the Tin Man's birthday and he decided he wanted to get some Cheeseburgers at Cheeseburger in Paradise and then see Pirates 3. CiP was pretty good, but not great. The service was somewhat slow and the drinks were heavily watered down. The saving grace was the food, appetizers and cheeseburgers, great great stuff! I think I would say it was fun for a one time trip, but I do not think there will be any kind of return trip anytime soon.
The movie was good, I thought it was better then number 2. I am not going to spoil any of the plot or anything, but at least it was less gross then the last installment. My one word of advice for the movie makers if they do decide to do a number 4, All Johnny Depp, all the time. This role is still perfect for him, so do not keep him hidden away for the first half hour or so. By the end, my ass did hurt!

Saturday was the anniversary day. Mrs Duck loved her earrings, which I think I will have to dig up an example picture and share some where and my gift was tickets to Les Miserables in New York City. Its a play I have always always wanted to see, so we will finally get that taken care of later this month.

We stayed at the Westin in Center City, because it was where we stayed after the wedding last year. The room was nicer last year, of course, since it was a go nuts suite, but I do not think I have stayed at too many places nicer then the Westin. The Heavenly Bed and the Heavenly Shower are magnificent.
Dinner was at Roy's and we went hog wild. I highly recommend the Butterfish if you ever find yourself at a Roy's and the Maui Mojito as well.
To cap off the night, or at least to cap it off as far as you all are concerned, was tickets to the Helium Comedy Club to see Marc Maron and some other younger comic I forgot the name of. And I am actually disappointed I forgot the name because he was a tad funnier then the headliner. I think Marc had some funny things to say, but he is also used to play much bigger places and he may have not brought his A game to a late show that was probably about 60 people or so.

Needless to say, Sunday, we were exhausted.


amy said...

Holy cow,you have been busy..Ok. I am going to randomly read your blogroll and steal some now.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, you have been busy! Glad to hear that Pirates 3 was better than the second one. I also thought it was a bit gross in spots, so I'm glad to hear #3 is better. I've read on other blogs that it is more "pirates, swashbuckling", like the first one. I hope so, we'd like to go soon.

Happy Belated Anniversary, sounds like you really did things up right. I totally agree on the Westin, we've stayed in one with the Heavenly Bed and it was one of the best night's sleep I've ever had at a hotel :)

Have a great day!

EC said...

Sounds like all the ducks were happy :)

Glad you had a great time!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

hey! You can't have contests while i'm outa town! i thought you knew the rules dude. Waving hi from Disney. Ironically there's a dang lotta ducks wandering around here so i keep thinking about my pal Sparks. Happy Anniversary (belatedly) and give MiLady Duck a hug from me. Off to have fun...(nah-nah-nah-nah!) xxx rhi

Toni said...

I am so jealous! Guess what I did this weekend? Laundry, cooking and cleaning! Well- I did get in a couple of naps!

Sounds like y'all had fun!

Jenny McB said...

What a weekend! Like Toni, mine was same old, same old.

We saw Les Miz and loved it, the stage is amazing. Bring kleenex.

Anthony said...

Wow, dude. I blew off the Maron show due in part to my shenanigans over there on Friday. I wish I had known you were going. He's been a favorite of mine for a while, although it doesn't surprise me that he wasn't hilarious.
He's more like Janine Garofolo - a monologist more than a stand-up. His early stuff was funny, but i think he was kind of stoned and drunk mostly, and I think he's cleaned up a bit in his old age.

Slackermommy said...

Happy Anniversary! It's good you are exhausted, it means you had fun.

Anndi said...

Glad you had a wonderful anniversary duckie!

I saw Les Miserables a long time ago here in Montreal.. you won't be disappointed.

Christie said...

happy anniversary!!!!!