Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Republican Debate Recap by Mrs. Duck

As a guest writer on my husbands blog I had a couple of thoughts on the Republican Debate that Sparky insisted I shared with his bloggers. Now I never blog, but I must admit this is quite fun. I love to write and I have the most crazy outbursts when I hear something that I cannot believe. Ask sparky he has to put up with all of my daily outbursts. Now I am a registered Democrat but sparky insists that I am a business conservative and a social Liberal. You decide with my comments.

Romney does not answer a question ever, he talks in tongues, I guess that would account for his Mormom background. If this is the candidate that they think will take it all the way, the Republicans better kiss the White House goodbye.

Brownback is just the most ridiculous candidate, Love how he criticized Clinton, and sucked up to Former President George Bush. I thought it was called the Bush Clinton Foundation. How could he even with a straight face say that former President Bush has done more humanitarian acts than Clinton when they work side by side. Brownback is not going to unite the parties with attack politics - I am ashamed for him. Big surprise Brownback is trying to cater to the Religious right. More of the same!

Guiliani as a candidate - what a joke. He doesn't have a fresh idea in his head and has no idea what the definition of ethical and moral are. I say work on your personal life and step down.

The McCain of the past I Loved, but he has turned me off, he needs to really stand up and say what he feels without worrying that the conservative republicans will criticize him. We already have a person running this country that most Americans do not trust, we do not need another one we cannot trust. I don't trust him anymore and that is so sad because the McCain of the past ran Arizona with such a passion and Fire. He was remarkable. I will say a positive for McCain he loves his men in uniform and the compassion he shows for them is remarkable and honorable.

Tommy Thompson will never win as president. I will say that I would like to see him share his health care ideas with the administration, I think his talents would be put to good use. Obviously GW did not gain from his skill set.

Now do not think I am crazy but I think that Ron Paul's theory on Foreign Policy and the war was fantastic. Our current foreign policy or should I say our lack of foreign policy status is a disaster. What an idea not bully others and actually speak to them. Hats off to you Ron Paul. I love your ideas and wish you the best of luck.

The rest of the republicans were forgettable beyond the fact that Tancredo said he would not welcome The Shrubs presence around the white house if elected and the fact that Sparky yelled I can't bleeping believe that James Gilmore is trying to run for president.

Best Performance:McCain,Paul
Worst Performance:Brownback, Giuliani

Message from Sparky-Please, all you Ron Paul backers/nutsos, please do not spam this blog with comments about how awesome Ron Paul is. We get it, he's your guy.


amy said...

FYI, your Chik fil a stuff arrived today...Hope to get in the mail soon..

Peace out


Anthony said...

Those Republican candidates look like a bunch of guys who would deny me a Country Club membership.

pissed off patricia said...

Mrs. Duck, I like your style! Mr. Duck should invite you to write here more often.

I have another problem with brownback, he appears to have no eyes. That might be a problem for any candidate.

Duncan Hunter proudly proclaimed that the repub party should not reach out to dems and indep. Nice way to run, don't even try to get people from other parties to vote for you. I guess he would be happy to get the 28% of America who is still devoted to bush.

Tommy Thompson should not only fire his barber, he should sue him.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I agree-I Like Mrs. Duck as a guest blogger. Please ask her to contribute more often!
I didn't watch/hear these debates, but from what I've read and heard from these clowns, I'm thinking that they really should just opt of out 2008 to save face.

The Gal Herself said...

Mrs. D., I appreciate that you endured this so I won't have to. Thanks!

EC said...

So glad you got a chance to write Mrs. Duck! Now, here is my advice to you even after a full year of happy marriage with Mr. Duck... make him stop watching One Life To Live and get that man a job!! HA HA Mr. Duck ;)

Bond said...

I am thinking that FRED Thompson will get into the race and club all these others to death

Christine said...

I'm always fascinated by US politics. It isn't as interesting in Canada at all. Mind you, our politicians will go on a show called The Rick Mercer Report (think Jon Steward for Canada), get naked and jump in a lake.

I kid you not...

Toni said...

Great post! Guess I need to start 'tuning in' again- I have no idea who Ron Paul is!

Tilly Greene said...

How do you do Mrs Duck, sorry I'm late to read your offering.

I missed the debates [both sides] so am pleased to get a recap here. However, I did see an interview with the young lady who asked them to state how they would handle Iraq and they all, everyone of them, did the one thing I can not stand...didn't answer. They talk in platitudes and sound bites but no substance within a hundred miles of their mouths.

Looking forward to seeing you here again - I like how you put it out there :-)