Thursday, June 14, 2007

So, What do You want to hear about?

Its not like their is tons of things going on in Philadelphia. Well, their is, but I totally missed the news making dinner, so I am at a loss. Of course, this means it is time to leave it up to the readers. Hence:

1.Do you want to know about Mrs Duck's knee injury that had her lounging around the house all day?
2.Or maybe you want to hear about us skipping the neighborhood picnic?
3.Hey, maybe its my hemming and hawwing over another job interview?
4.Or the fact that I think Chris Daughtry maybe be winning the US Open presently?
5.Finally, I could just let my brain loose. Be afraid, be ver afraid.

so there you go, you tell me what I write about tomorrow morning.


Jay said...

Well now that you've dangled them in front of us, you have to talk about them all.

Tug said...

Yep, I'm with Jay...I want it ALL.

I'm greedy like that. ;-)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...


Which means you have some damn greedy readers.

No first-hand report from the Open for me, I'm afraid. I was at Oakmont in October; that's enough for one lifetime (and the Tour Manager walked out on the green, too!)

EC said...

*raises hand* I am also a greedy reader :-) Let us have it all!!

Tilly Greene said...

Spill Sparky!

Anthony said...

Nick Dougherty is enjoying his "15 minutes" while he rushes out for another hair appointment, so let's hear about the picnic.
Perhaps there is some juicy gossip that goes along with that story?

Twyla said...

I vote, ALL of the above. Especially #5. :-P

Nancy said...

Just to make you work I will go w. all, also.

I thought you meant Chris Daughtry from American Idol. LOL!