Tuesday, June 26, 2007

50 States 50 Hotties-South Carolina

Anthony was right, I am listing the first set of lovely ladies based on when there states ratified the Constitution. That will change later on, as I think I will go regionally, but for now, we are off to South Carolina.

The south is hard, because there are many many choices. I could have gone with Lesley Zen, since she has finally acted in a movie that is not pornographic. Or I could have chosen young stars like Ashton Lunceford or Allison Munn. Heck, even Eartha Kitt was hot in her day and I have this soft spot for Shawnee Smith. The south is overrun with hotness.

Andie MacDowell was born in Gaffney, South Carolina in 1958. When it comes to her, I am a sucker for the hair I guess.


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yeah, typically like Andie. I don't remember where I first saw her, perhaps as Emilio Estevez' lust interest in St. Elmo's Fire. I remember being let down by Sex, Lies, and Videotape, but I liked her in Michael and in Groundhog Day.
Did she start in soaps?

FRIGGA said...

I've always liked her, and she has beautiful hair! :)

Anthony said...

Oooh Andie. And we're the same age. That's a nice change of pace from the "kids".

She hasn't tried to hide that SC accent, either, which is nice.

Starrlight said...

Andie is gorgeous. Great hair, totally sucker worthy =)

Christie O. said...

she is just gorgeous. honestly. i see her in those commercials with that beautiful hair and that jawline, (weird, right? i love pronounced jawlines on men and women.) but great pick. should i be commenting on these? hahahahah

Dragon said...

I loved her in 4 weddings and a funeral. She's never quite had the same magic since. Lovely woman, though.