Monday, June 25, 2007

Not So Miserable in New York

Well, I am such it is a little miserable there today, since it just has to be hot as hell! But, I am talking about over the weekend, when the Ducks invaded Broadway.

Now, as you should know, I grew up in New Jersey. There are a few things you learn when living in the Garden State.
1.You dont wander too far from the casinos in Atlantic City
2.If you do have to go to Newark, you take the train
3.Don't get lost in Trenton.

Number 3 was the problem this weekend, or at least it was the problem in my silly head. We took the train to Manhattan out of Trenton. It was the closest spot and it would guarantee us getting a seat, but when there is no parking and things arent marked well, and you have to turn off from the safety of the train station parking lot into what could be an abyss, you get a wee bit cranky. Sue me, its the ABC's of me.

We did finally find $13 parking close to the station, though $13 was a tad painful to part with since its a $1 a day if you park at Septa. And we were off.

New York is crowded, Manhattan is even more crowded, the area between Madison Square Garden and Broadway is more crowded then papparazi chasing Paris on a drunken bender! It is rather overwhelming, at least to the senses. Sounds, and noise and guys begging for smokes and people shilling for the Grey Line bus tour and the $1 jewelery and the pretzel guys and on and on and on. Oh and don't forget the giant billboards and the cabs!

We ducked into the giant Toys R Us, which would be sensory overload for anyone under 15, or probably over 50. But, the bathrooms were clean, easy to find and we almost got run over by Geoffrey the Giraffe only once.

Dodging and weaving, we get ourselves settled in the Broadhurst Theater for Les Misarebles, flipping through the Playbill as the lights dim to see the Saturday Matinee is a understudy haven and I feel some anticipation as the lights dim. Of course, for the first 10 minutes of the show, I can not engross myself in whats going on because there is the ushers still trying to seat people and the theater ain't that big.

Jeff Kready played Valjean and did an amazing, amazing job. His "One Day More" caused my second brim of emotion and tears, always good since you easily get caught when the lights come up for intermission. Lea Salonga was stunning as Fantine. Stunning! When she sang "Come to Me", I was engrossed. I had been waiting a good ten years at least to see this play and as she sung, I could not believe that I was actually finally getting to see it. That was the first time I welled up a little bit, ok more then a little bit. I was so happy and I was just in my own happy little world. Eponine was an understudy as well, but I am sure we will all here the name Megan McGinnis again. Even, Mrs Duck, commented upon how amazing she was. Goddess, they were all amazing.

We got out of the city and survived the trip home, but I had the Finale still ringing in my head. It could have been a 3 hour trip and I would have been happy.

I swear, any chance I get I will see this play, touring group or in someplace that they have it showing. I will see this play again.


EC said...

Sounds positively heavenly!! I could see that over and over and over again. There is nothing like a brilliant play, matinee or otherwise :)

Lisa Andel said...

Hey Sparky, I'm not big into plays, or even crowds that much. But I like to hear how other people react to them. I have been, to both plays and concerts. I haven't seen Les Miz though. The last play I went to was The Odd Couple.

amy said...

Its coming to Atlanta, hint hint! Wed love to have you..You saw Geoffrey? Is freakin jealous!

Desert Songbird said...

Lea Salonga was an UNDERSTUDY in this? Are you freakin' KIDDING ME?! Wow. She has an incredible voice.

Lucky you! I love the theater, but Land Warrior definitely does NOT. The last show we saw was Phantom years ago down at Gammage at ASU, and only because friends invited us.

BeckEye said...

I've seen Les Miz 4 times, and it's really not enough. I have yet to see it on Broadway...I always saw the traveling company when they came through Pittsburgh. Now that I live in NYC, I realize that I can't afford to go to see shows as much as I would like. But I really want to scrape some money together to go see this show again. It's one of the few things worth fighting through the Tourist District for.

Christine said...

I am so jealous. I've waited so long to see Les Mis. That's awesome to see it on Broadway!
Yeah, I've gotten lost in L.A.,in the dark, so I know the feeling.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ah, the mystery of Lea Solanga revealed. And she's grown up to play Fantine, too. Interesting.

The Tour Manager LOVES Les Mis, above and beyond all other musicals. Me, I'm a Rent girl -- but that doesn't mean I'll give up a chance to see Les Mis again.

I'll see it on Broadway one day. Probably when I'm 95 and it's being revived for the third time...

Tilly Greene said...

I've dashed into the same Toys 'R Us for the same reason...what a headache that place is during the holidays!

Unfortunately Sparky, back when I saw Les Mis, I couldn't wait for it to end - and it was bloody long! Maybe it'd be different now, I'm not sure. But, I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as you did and I hope it comes to Philly so you can see it a couple of times.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Hrm, Interesting as Lea is playing Fantine. She has always been known as THE Eponine.

Saw Les Mis first in London, without a clue as to what it was about except the idea it had something to do with a French girl (gathered that so ever estutely from the poster).

Since then, seen it in NYC, and at least 4 times on tour, I think twice in Orlando, once in Clearwater, FL, and once in Atlanta.

There is no tiring of this play.

Dragon said...

Les Misarebles is still my favourite musical. I had the chance to see Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean. He was the original Valjean. I still get shivers when I remember his performance.

the Sapphire Cat said...

ps-i just added your blog to my links. :) just wanted to warn you so you'd be prepared for rashes of my goofy comments!

Tug said...

I would absolutely LOVE to see a Broadway show...thanks for sharing your experience!

FRIGGA said...

If I ever go to New York, I will insist on seeing a Broadway play! Glad you had a good time :)

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Oh I lurve that ToysRUS. Did you go to Hershey's too? I hope you and Mrs had a great time in NYC-where are more photos??
And, BTW, I'm scary as Dr. Phil??? Moi??

Starrlight said...

I am so jealous!

kailani said...

NYC is on my "must visit before I die" list! You're so lucky!

Carol Anne said...

Hey! I've been reading for a while and thought that I'd let you know that the Walnut Street Theatre in Philly has Les Mis planned for May of next year.

~ Carol Anne