Monday, March 19, 2007

Tug Tagged

She is at it again, though this time it is not so bad. Tug has selected me for another meme, a musical one at that. And it was actually one of those sick coincidences, because as she was visting my blog, I was visiting hers. Alton Brown or "The Secret" strikes again.

So, its list 7 songs that you are currently really really into, no matter what they are, and then tag 7 more people to do it. Whats fun is I was just listening to the Ipod yesterday while scraping out snow, and was replaying some songs over and over again. Perfect Synergy.

1.When you were Young-The Killers-Jam out here well eventually the song takes a while to get started.
2.Welcome to the Black Parade-My Chemical Romance. Get your Goth on here
3.From Yesterday-30 Seconds to Mars. Get your yummy Jared Leto Goth here
4.What Goes Around Comes Around etc...-Justin Timberlake. MMM Scarlett here
5.Changes-Tupac. Miss a legend of rap here
6.Shadows of the Night by Pat Benatar. Only version I could find was a Supernatural version, I dont even know Supernatural!
7.Stay with you by The Goo Goo Dolls. Get you Goo here

So, I am supposed to Tag 7 people, which of course I will do, I have always been a huge fan of peer pressure, but if I dont tag you, feel free to join in. And the 7 winners are?

Kukka or Brach (since it seems the Empress is currently being questioned)
Peggy as she is
because she is always good for some music
Stacy @ Exceedingly Mundane

I would have tagged Lady Jane, but I think she is really really busy this week.

So lets see how many I get, but thanks Tug, this was fun!


Twyla said...

Oh, you totally know I'm gonna do this one!

kailani said...

Wow, Pat Benatar. That sure brings back memories.

Jay said...

A diverse playlist, and I would have expected no less.

Tug said...

Love Pat & the GooGoo dolls...but you know - I was living in Vegas when Tupac was shot, but had NE.VER heard him until now. Had never listened to Jared Leto, OR JT. See? You learn something with these tags...Thanks Sparky!!

Haley-O said...

Love "what goes around comes around"! And, Scarlett's totally my girlcrush! Good one!

amy said...

Im in!

Christine said...

In So. CA all we heard was Justin Timberlake's "What goes around"!
For me it was a good song to have stuck in my head, while driving through CA desert.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I'm baaaack! :)