Monday, March 19, 2007

Full Weekend of Madness

First, let me get this out of the way...

I now Hate the Hokies

Nothing like destroying a pool nicely. Again, there were some exciting games, though I did miss most of the Buckeyes/Xavier game, I did get to see the most important part. Its amazing what a difference one free throw can make. And I am sure there is plenty of debate going on in Ohio about whether to foul or not to foul when your team is down by three. My opinion, let them go, if you cant win a game in overtime, you dont deserve to win it in regulation.

Vanderbilt/Washington State was a very exciting game as well, Derrick Byars just willed the Commodores to a victory by his stellar playing ability. Overall, the rest of the games were not overly exciting. Well, except for the Oregon games, which were just exciting because they won. Again, Phil Knight is just not going to be able to force the Oregon coach out because you just cant fire a coach that gets his team to the sweet 16.

On the homefront, we had Spice Girl and the Tin Man over for St Patty's Day. Mrs Duck was put in charge of the corned beef and cabbage, because I was busy breaking my shoulder chipping 5 inches of ice. And she did a spectacular job! Remarkably, I was drunker on Friday night then I was on Saturday. I guess I was celebrating St Patricks Day with the Irish in spirit.

Guess what, its Monday morning and Mrs Duck's car is still not dug out. I have, for now at least, decided to let the sun do its work. I may change my mind by Wednesday.

Oh, and Mrs Duck made homemade "Irish Potatoes", which are not the starchy ones, but the coconut butter cinnamon covered confection! Recipe soon to follow...


Twyla said...

"Remarkably, I was drunker on Friday night then I was on Saturday."

Me too!

Tug said...

I still don't do basketball - just popped in to let you know you've been tagged!